New rock club Liquid Inferno in Second Life

I found out about a new rock club today in Second Life called Liquid Inferno which opened it’s doors to everyone on Friday 5th October 2012. Liquid Inferno is very unique and it’s one of the hottest clubs on the grid worth visiting. Ryanne Foxdale and  Jenn Resident are the owners of this new rock club and they say there is potential for the rock club to become well known on the grid. The structure of the club was used formerly as Lake of Fire, which was a successful rock club in Second Life.

Donation total so far: L$2, 150 and the owners welcome donations to keep the club alive. If you love rock clubs in Second Life then teleport over to this fresh new rock club.

A nice description of the new rock club called Liquid Inferno.

☠ ◣◥◣◥ ☠ ŁIQЦID IПFΣЯПO ☠ ◣◥◣◥ ☠

αвѕolυтely тнe нoттeѕт clυв oɴ тнe ɢrιd!
djѕ αre crαɴĸιɴɢ oυт тнe тυɴeѕ ɴιɢнтly ғroм 4-10 pм ѕlт

coмe pαrтy wιтн υѕ αɴd dαɴce тo мυѕιc ғroм ɢeɴreѕ ѕυcн αѕ ιɴdυѕтrιαl, нαrd rocĸ, eвм, нαrdcore
αlтerɴαтιve, мeтαl, pυɴĸ, ɢoтнιc αɴd dαrĸwαve.

☠ ɢιve ιɴ тo тнe ғιre тнαт вυrɴѕ wιтнιɴ! ☠

Snapshot of the front dj set at the Liquid Inferno club looking really impressive and awaiting folks to enjoy the dj events.

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