Official SL Forums posts declining further in 2012

Today a new graph has been published showing the official Second Life Forum post counts to date, showing data between February 2011 to October 2012. The graph shows SL Forum and SL Answer posts declining more in 2012 under the average mark starting in May 2012 and dropping further during the summer months. It’s going to be interesting to see if the trend continues to go down during the final 3 months of 2012 or if the post count goes up to average levels in 2013.

Last year post counts stayed mostly above the average mark and then in 2012 for some reason the post counts dropped down hill.

2011 data

  • March : 19983 posts
  • April : 14514 posts
  • May : 13633 posts
  • June : 10292 posts
  • July : 16691 posts
  • August : 18213 posts
  • September: 17890 posts
  • October : 16225 posts
  • November : 17186 posts
  • December : 13971 posts

2012 data

  • January : 13655 posts
  • February : 14154 posts
  • March : 16627 posts
  • April : 15755 posts
  • May : 12702 posts
  • June : 9784 posts
  • July : 9896 posts
  • August : 11924 posts
  • September: 9942 posts

Author: Daniel Voyager

Second Life

7 thoughts on “Official SL Forums posts declining further in 2012”

  1. There’s a simple explanation: They banned me.

    Pep (for posting almost the same thing three times.)

    PS Which was something like “I’m sure I posted this already.”


  2. PPS So the cool guys moved to the Profile Feeds.
    PPPS Unfortunately, so did the LWL and the age-players.
    PPPPS And the software is still in alpha
    PPPPPS And you only have to like a post yourself and with one alt to get it into Trending.


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