Patterns confirmation email from Linden Lab

Here is the confirmation email from Linden Lab about being part of the release of Patterns. The game client will be available by 5th October  2012 where more details will be released apparently. If you have signed up for Patterns recently – have you got any confirmation email yet?.

Thank you for being a part of the genesis release of Patterns, a new and exciting shared 3D creative space from Linden Lab.

The game client will be available by October 5th, 2012 at which time we will email you the link and instructions.

As a founding creator in Patterns, you have the opportunity to have your name featured in the game when version 1.0 is released next year. In the next month or so, you will be receiving a follow-up email with more details on the unique benefits of being an early supporter of Patterns.

In Patterns, with simple shapes you can create a universe. In future updates you will be able to share your creations with each other, then learn from and build upon each other’s creations to create new universes of our shared imaginations.

Patterns is still in very early development. As a founder supporter using our genesis release, we hope you’ll come up with some amazing creations. We have a very active development team and features like creating your avatar, liquids, multiplayer, enhanced procedural world generation and much more will be rolling out shortly. Hopefully, many of these features will be developed in collaboration and direction from our founders.

Thank you again for helping us create the Patterns universe.

Rod Humble
CEO, Linden Lab

3 thoughts on “Patterns confirmation email from Linden Lab

  1. “As a founder supporter using our genesis release, we hope you’ll come up with some amazing creations.”

    lol, they forgot a sentence:

    “Please be certain to understand that the TOS (now and future) associated with this endeavor will ensure that all content you create is simply licensed to you but remains our copyright – enjoy!”



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