Poll: SL or Opensim – which do you use more?

Which grid do you use the most – Second Life (e.g. preview grid) or OpenSim grids (e.g. InWorldz) ?

Feel free to list your top favourites in comments and reasons. For me it’s more on the OpenSim side nowadays because it’s gaining on SL in terms of growth and users.


9 thoughts on “Poll: SL or Opensim – which do you use more?

  1. I’m not sure of the value of this poll because Second Life users out number Opensim users so one would think SL can muster more voters. Mind you, at the time of writing this comment, the votes for Opensim are more than double the votes for Second Life which might be saying Opensim users are more passionate about the Open Metaverse than SL users are about Second Life.


  2. Well, All know how i support and endorse Open sims, mainly OSGrid but all the others that still think in bering linked via hypergrid or even commercial closed grids like Inworldz!
    But the truth is that i’, back to Sl for a ferw months and loving it as i used to, so i had to vote on SL!


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