New Second Life 2012 official trailer

On Tuesday 18th September 2012 Linden Lab uploaded a new Second Life 2012 official trailer (48 seconds) on YouTube which rocks. It’s really cool dnd I think many will like this official trailer for Second Life.

What do you think of the new Second Life 2012 official trailer?

Check out it out


4 thoughts on “New Second Life 2012 official trailer

  1. This trailer is one more sign, with SL going on STEAM, the two games Linden Lab presented, and even the pushing of the JIRA under the carpet, that LL wants to sell SL as a “game hub”.
    I hope it will work, but I do not think so.
    As Pixeleen Mistral do on the Alphaville Herald, I fear that Steam players, more accustomed to well polished games with fixed goals and rewards, will be dispointed, to the point for some of them, to resort to griefing.


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