Over 1 million raised for InWorldz Fashion Fair 2012

Over 1 million (I’z) has been raised for the first InWorldz Fashion Fair 2012 and yesterday marked the last day for the event. The first fashion fair was a big success and very interesting indeed. I spent most of my time looking around the 4 event sims and took many snapshots on my travels.

The closing party was yesterday (26th August 2012) and apparently I heard it was very entertaining. On Friday 31st August 2012 at 12pm PDT there will be a special Pink Friday event celebrating the 1 million+ Iz milestone. The InWorldz founder Tranquility Dexler will wear pink to mark this special occasion. DJs Jim Tarber & Cataplexia Numbers, The InStyles Models will be celebrating as cheerleaders apparently.

I would like to say special thanks to the IW Fashion Fair core team & volunteers etc for making this wonderful successful event happen InWorldz and I’m sure there will be more fashion fairs in near future. 🙂


4 New Burning Man regions arrive

According to the latest report on New SL Sims in past week it seems Linden Lab have added 4 new Burning Man regions which have been attached to the existing Burning Man – Deep Hole region. There are now 5 Burning Man regions currently and there’s 54 days left to go until BURN2 2012 starts in Second Life.

(*) – new regions added

  • Burning Man- Black Rock *
  • Burning Man- Elko *
  • Burning Man- Guru *
  • Burning Man- Hualapai ª
  • Burning Man – Deep Hole

Burning Man Regions 2012 Map

Are you excited about BURN2 2012 in Second Life ?