InWorldz kick off Ceremony today at 12pm PDT

Today at 12pm PDT marks the kick off opening ceremony for Relay For Life InWorldz 2012. This year marks the first official InWorldz Relay For Life season and it’s time to celebrate the season of Colors of HOPE. Teleport to Poseidon. I’m really excited about the first official RFL season of InWorldz and I know it’s going to rock. Be a part of Inworldz history today and for the rest of the first IW RFL season. 🙂

The RFL Ceremony location

Today’s Ceremony Schedule 

  • 12:00 pm KyFire Oakleaf – RFL Songs
  • 12:15 pm Hairy Thor Chair
  • 12:22 pm RFL Video
  • 12:30 pm TIGGS Beaumont
  • 12:37 pm KyFire
  • 12:40 pm Sting Raymaker
  • 12:50 pm KyFire Oakleaf- closing

First InWorldz RFL season schedule 2012

Check out this nice looking InWorldz RFL poster

Nice view of Poseidon region InWorldz

RFL Links


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