InWorldz Fashion Fair 2012

InWorldz is currently having it’s first official Fashion Fair 2012 (18th-26th August 2012) featuring over 40+ InWorldz designers and 4 event sims. The InWorldz Fashion Fair 2012 is being held on InWorldz Events A, B, C & D regions on the grid and they all look really impressive. Special thanks for the InWorldz founders for donating 4 event sims. The InWorldz fashion fair helps to raise funds for St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital (kiosks, tips, donations). It’s really worth visiting these beautiful magical regions if you are into SL fashion. 🙂

Central Welcome Area Hub

Donated totals so far

Money raised so far:

  • IW $257, 333

InWorldz Fashion Fair 2012 featuring…

  • Over 40 Fashion Designers
  • Live Music and DJs to keep you entertained while you shop
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Dragonfly race
  • Fashion Shows
  • Maze
  • Children’s Palace of hope and dreams

InWorldz Fashion Fair 2012 Map


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