First Relay for Life of InWorldz Promo 2012

The first official Relay for Life of InWorldz event will be taking place on Saturday 25th August 2012. This is the first promo for this first RFL historical event of InWorldz. I believe there will be more RFL InWorldz preview videos released very soon.

Relay for Life of InWorldz is getting ready to kick-off!
Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back!

Join the InWorldz group: Relay for Life Volunteers


65 days to go until BURN2 2012

There are 65 days left to go until the grand opening of BURN2 2012 in Second Life and this year there will be four regions to celebrate the SL community supported BURN2 festival. Every year the SL burning man festival gets bigger and better with more avatars attending the amazing events. This year BURN2 will open from 20th to 28th October 2012 which is going to be fantastic hopefully. The theme for BURN2 2012 is Fertility. 

BURN2 has always been one of my favourite SL events to attend every year because its really exciting and creative. In previous years I have enjoyed being a BURN2 stage manager and gate greeter. 🙂

BURN2 Donated Progress 2012 so far

Visit Burning Man- Deep Hole region today for the latest BURN2 inworld resources which can be found at the infohub below.

Recently there was a BURN2 townhall meeting and here are the notes below…

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the Town Hall meeting on the 11th of August, here’s the skinny!

This year our event — the only Burning Man Regional Event that is allowed to burn the man — will be held from the 20th to 28th of October. 

Expect to see all the events you’ve come accustomed to, building on the playa before the event, and even BURN2 only activities like the Skin Burn! We’ll even be having some great workshops leading up to the event, including a porta potty building workshop on Sunday, the 19th of August at 5:00 p.m. SLT!

This years theme? After much discussion, we’re proud to announce that the community sought to remain aligned with the theme of the big burn in Black Rock City: our theme is Fertility!

For 2012, we are offering four regions, with 61 camp parcels for sale and an additional 34 parcels to be given away. We’re also inviting four artists to the event: watch for more information on the artists we’ve invited soon. 

We have eight art parcels we’ll be giving away specifically for juried art: three 2048m parcels and five 1024m parcels. Additionally, five 1024m juried theme camps are being offered. If you want to apply for one of these, please visit the juried art and theme camp submission form.

We’re very excited about parcel pricing this year. We applied over US$2,400.00 in donations to help reduce the cost of parcels. The prices for this year’s Burn2 parcels is as follows:

  • 4096m camps (with 936 prims) are L$14,000
  • 2048m camps (with 468 prims) are L$7,000
  • 1024m camps (with 234 prims) are L$3,500

Parcels are available RIGHT NOW in Burning Man- Deep Hole.

There is also a lottery for 17 512m camp plots. Donate L$10 to enter the lottery. Only one entry per person, please, and these parcels can not be transferred nor sold.

Finally, as always, we’re always blessed with your time. If you wish to volunteer as a greeter, a guide, a translator, or other needs, Check in at the volunteer signup form. If you’re a DJ or a live performer who is interested in performing at the event, please contact Buttermilk Panacek!

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