ABC Island closing down on 22nd September 2012

According to the Metaverse Journal blog post ABC Island in Second Life will be closing down on Saturday 22nd September which is very sad news to report and I’m sure ABC island will be missed deeply by the SL community. ABC Island officially opened back on March 16th 2007 and since then there’s been thousands of visitors exploring the island. Best wishes to the ABC island team/owners for the near future!

The reason why ABC Island has decided to leave Second Life is still unknown at the moment. Please comment if you know more including farewell parties etc.

Snapshot of the whole ABC Island.

Teleport to ABC Island

Closure notice posted in the sandbox area.

Snapshot of the ABC island map.

What is ABC Island?

ABC Island in Second Life is a dynamic and distinctively Australian destination providing visitors with opportunities to design, create and showcase objects, discover a hidden underground music club, listen to Indigenous stories, wander round an environmentally friendly eco house, experience ABC audio and video in a social environment and attend live screenings and concerts.

Farewell ABC Island

5 thoughts on “ABC Island closing down on 22nd September 2012

  1. Heck I didn’t even know they were in Second Life. Organizations that are in Second Life need to promote that better. Otherwise, the majority of us will only be coming around to say goodbye before we’ve even had the chance to say Hello. 😦

    Thanks to Daniel Voyager, at least I know they were here and that I have a few days left to visit before they are gone.


  2. Seeing yet another lone sim, basically out in the middle of nowhere, makes me wonder if sims like this should be part of groups. I mean, if sim groups that have similar themes & communities are located in close proximity to one another, people interested in participating could move around more freely. I know there’s the idea of competition but perhaps communitity outweighs those concerns?

    For example, Aussies that want to hang with Aussies could more easily travel to different locales by walking, riding, flying or boating. If competition were a concern, my guess is the same factors would be the same even if the competitors were on standalone sims.

    Teleporting to standalone sims has its merit, but in groups that have covenants it has been demonstrated that many different sim owners can be part of a larger enterprise. For examples, the region of the eastern Blake Sea has perhaps a hundred sims living together synergistically.

    I love the basic concept of the mainland with it’s vast expanses and roads, and it’s potential for connecting large communities of people with similar interests. Unfortunately, I believe that for the most part, mainlands are a failure due to lake of covenants that reseulf in a hodge podge of unrelated sims and parcels.

    Standalone sims are nice for private homes, but I believe for sims that wish to attract people and represent large communities they are just lonely outposts.

    Just my humble opinion…


    1. Thanks for your interesting humble opinion. I think its due to lack of money/fundings support and interest in SL.

      Just seems all the big well known places are slowly going away from SL.


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