InWorldz Relay For Life 2012 season

This year InWorldz will be hosting its first official Relay For Life season of events. Relay For Life is a charity event that will be raising money for the American Cancer Society. Planning for the first season has been going on for many months now and I think it’s going to be fantastic when the kick-off happens. InWorldz first RFL season starts on 18th August and lasts through to 4th November 2012. If you are a resident of InWorldz join Relay For Life Volunteers group.

  • Registrations open from Sunday 5th August 2012
  • Half way RFL event on 22nd-23rd September 2012
  • Relay For Life Weekend on 2nd-4th November 2012
  • Closing party on 17th November 2012

The theme for InWorldz Relay For Life 2012 is “Colors of Hope”.

The following information will be needed from you to register:
Your team name:

Your Captain’s Name:

Your Co-Captain’s Name:

and a brief description of your team.

Please send this information on August 5th to the following people:

  • KatherineVictoria Millicent
  • Bryan Rickena
  • Jessii2009 Warhol

It’s going to be interesting and exciting in many ways because this is a historical moment for InWorldz. I’m hoping the first season will be a success and that there will a big attendance during the season. In previous years I have really enjoyed the main Relay For Life event on the main grid and it’s going to be good to experience a new one on the grid of InWorldz.


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