ReactionGrid closing down

According to the latest blog post on Hypergrid Business it appears that ReactionGrid is moving away from Opensim and closing down the grid within the next 24/48 hours or so. ReactionGrid has 81 regions with 105 active users (active within the past month) with 11, 555 total registered users apparently via July 2012 Opensim Grid Statistics. It’s sad news that ReactionGrid will be closing down it’s public opensim grid this week and i’m sure it will be missed by it’s userbase.

In the comments section Maria Korolov posted this…

A ReactionGrid customer just forwarded me an email from the company, which provides a bit more information.


“By the end of the month of July, we will be closing ReactionGrid’s public OpenSimulator grid.

“We understand some of you may have islands with us that have been paid through to a certain date and we will work with you to prorate any time left on that pre-paid contract. 

“To help you migrate all your content, we can provide you with a final OAR file for every region you maintain on our public OpenSimulator grid before we close your regions.”


The ReactionGrid website has been inactive for many months.

I signed up to ReactionGrid on 19th December 2010 and attended a christmas party back then. I logged at various times to explore ReactionGrid and attend Pathfinder Lester office hours on ReactionGrid which were always interesting.

View my ReactionGrid snapshots!


11 thoughts on “ReactionGrid closing down

  1. Daniel hello, ReactionGrid have announced they would still be supporting JokaydiaGrid, where a lot of educators have virtual homes, and focussing on their JIBE and Unity3D activities (which makes a lot of sense in terms of easy access from 100+ million computers via the Unity Web Player plugin, and stability). What do you think?


  2. Daniel —

    JokaydiaGrid is actually hosted on ReactionGrid servers, but is a separate grid, focused specifically on education. It is run by Jo Kay, who’s based in Australia.

    Meanwhile, the ReactionGrid website isn’t down — it’s just almost impossible to navigate. But if you click through, you’ll eventually get to their company blog, and store, and other stuff. It doesn’t help that they’ve got subsites and pop-up pages — if you have popups blocked, they might not be coming up!


    1. We’re in the middle of complete restructuring of the entire RG website. We’ve hired a professional web designer, and I’m going through and writing a lot of new summary pages. Give us a few weeks and you’ll see some wonderful new changes. 🙂


  3. Oh right, thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙂

    Also special thanks for keeping everyone updated on opensim happenings on hypergrid business. I do love reading your blog posts! 😀


  4. Hi, Daniel:
    With ReactionGrid closing its OpenSim-based product, I want to make you and your readers aware of an alternative.
    Our company, FireSabre LLC, has just brought our Starlight edu grid out of closed beta. Starlight offers both secure private spaces aimed at K-12 users as well as Starlight Public Spaces for educational non-profits, colleges, universities and other educational users that want a public-facing virtual world.
    Starlight operates on an enhanced Aurora-Sim platform, a next-generation OpenSim environment that’s more stable, high-performance and, in general, offers much more functionality. We have Vivox voice, groups, professional tech support, and offline message capability. It supports mesh. There’s also a web dashboard for browser-based account and world management functions including creating groups and accounts, ejecting and banning, tech support, restarting regions, and access to metrics and sim stats. A basic $150/month package includes 262,144 square meters of land (equivalent to four SL or OpenSim islands), and allows use of 100,000 prims. We’ve tested our spaces and they support well over 200 avatars at a time.
    FireSabre, launched in 2006, has long been one of the leading suppliers of virtual worlds for education, dating back to our work in Second Life’s TeenGrid. We helped create the first non-profit educational project for TeenGrid and built the first K-12 build for a school on TeenGrid. While we are big fans of the possibilities of browser-based virtual worlds, we are committed, in principle and practice, to the idea that residents need to be able to easily create their own content, especially for educational applications.
    For the next 30 days, we’re waiving set-up fees for anyone displaced from ReactionGrid. There are pix of Starlight on our website or you can email me if you want more information.


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