Second Life user concurrency 2012 summer update

My last post about the Second Life user concurrency levels was back in early April 2012 and I reported that the daily SL concurrency mostly stayed the same. Since April 2012 the Second Life user concurrency hasn’t really peeked over the 65, 000 mark and I have to say its been slowly dropping since January 2012. Since April 2012 the minimum daily concurrency seems to be around the 30, 000 to 35, 000 mark.

The mean and median peak concurrency has dropped from 50, 000 down to 45, 000 since April 2012. At the moment daily Second Life signups seems to be around the 16, 000 mark per day. On 8th July 2012 total registered SL users reached the 30 million milestone however signups have slowed down over the past few years. On 27th July 2010 total registered SL users passed the 20 million milestone 2 years ago. Every 2 years it goes up by 10 million accounts and just recently Philip Rosedale said that there are 1 million active users that use Second Life.

There seems to be a decline in total main grid regions since April 2012 where it was above 30, 000+ and as of 19th July it stands at 29, 496 regions. I do think the decline is very alarming for Second Life and that SL users are spending less time in Second Life more this year than in previous years. I hope things will improve during the last half of 2012 but it’s going to take time for things to pick up again.

Maximum Daily Concurrency

Minimum Daily Concurrency

Median Daily Concurrency

Next update will be in November/December 2012.