Happy 5th birthday OSGrid

OSGrid is now officially 5 years old and birthday celebrations take place all this weekend. Sign up for a OSGrid account or log into OSGrid to enjoy the 5th birthday of OSGrid. OSG5B events and exhibitions will be held from 20th -24th July 2012 at the OSG5B regions and here is the timetable schedule below.

FRIDAY 20th JULY 2012

  • Fri 20th at 11.30 am PDT: D&J OSG5B Party at region Close Encounter with DJ JayMaze – all different styles of music.
  • Fri 20th at 3.00 pm PDT: short program – Em Jannings: Call Me Ishmael from Melville’s Moby Dick – on north side at region OSG5B Northeast – a live-voice performance by Avatar Repertory Theater


  • Sat 21st at noon PDT: Opening and welcome speech by OSgrid president Nebadon Izumi at region OSG5B Central
  • Sat 21st after the speech: Live music with Greybeard Thinker and friends with guest stars “Just Us” at region OSG5B Central
  • Sat 21st 1.30 pm PDT: Live-voice performances by Avatar Repertory Theater – Mr. Nakamura (Corwyn Allen), a scene from Zoo Story by Edward Albee (Thundergas Menges and Em Jannings) and The Child, a story (Pipsqueak Albatros) – on north side at regionOSG5B Northeast
  • Sat 21st 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm PDT: Live music with fritz clawtooth at region OSG5B Central
  • Sat 21st 8.00 pm PDT to late: Dance Party with music mix (60’s to 00’s) and live performances by Walter Balazic / Littlefield Authority (and possibly Hiro Protaganist) at Speakeasy Club at region Speakeasy.

SUNDAY 22nd JULY 2012

  • Sun 22nd 2.00 pm PDT to late: The Belfast Maritime Club “on the road” featuring Truelie Ellen, Casias Faltas, Kitzie Lane, and special guests at region OSG5B Central
  • Sun 22nd 4.00 pm PDT: Avatar Repertory Theater – Affairs of the Smart by Kayden Oconnell (Rowan Shamroy & Em Jannings), Two Person Conversation, a play from the Short Play Buffet (Em Jannings & Kayden Oconnell) – on the north side at region OSG5B Northeast

MONDAY 23rd JULY 2012

  • Mon 23rd from 1.00 pm PDT: Techno Music with DJ Tommy Jonas at region OSG5B Central
  • Mon 23rd 5.00 pm PDT: Live-voice performances by Avatar Repertory Theater – No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre (SL cast) – on the north side at region OSG5B Northeast


  • Tue 24th 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm PDT: A party featuring DJ Benc1414 Zessinthal spinning party music of various genres at BZ Universal exhibit (Skybox) at region OSG5B East



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