OSG5B sneak preview

Osgrid will be celebrating it’s 5th birthday on Friday 20th July until Tuesday 24th July 2012 which is going to be awesome and bigger than ever before. This is another major milestone for Osgrid to reach it’s 5th birthday. OSG5B has 7 regions dedicated to the birthday with OSG5B exhibits to visit and there will be many live music performances.

New sneak peak snapshots of OSG5B Central region on OSgrid


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Osgrid stats via Osgrid Login Screen

  • 8, 897 regions
  • 3, 594 (last 30 days) active users
  • 78, 992 total users

Here are sneak preview snapshots of OSG5B via using the Imprudence 1.3.2 viewer.

OSG5B regions list

  • OSG5B North
  • OSG5B Northeast
  • OSG5B West
  • OSG5B Central
  • OSG5B East
  • OSG5B Southwest
  • OSG5B South
OSG5B map
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