New SL video tutorial by Torley Linden

Torley Linden has uploaded a new SL video tutorial today about awesome rainbow lighting effects in Second Life which rocks. It’s really worth watching because it’s really cool and a very cool tip to know about. WoooooT!

Welcome back Torley!

For more awesome SL tutorials check out the official Second Life YouTube page.


SLCC 2012 cancelled

Update: Fleep’s Personal Perspective about the end of SLCC 


It’s shocking news to report that there will be no SLCC 2012 this year which is very disappointing indeed for the Second Life community. I know that many enjoyed attending SLCC over the years and loved meeting friends/guests/Lindens. A popular hit was when Linden Lab announced the major news, improvements and changes for Second Life.

It’s worth looking at the History of SLCC page on the SLCC official website for the memories and milestones. 🙂

AvaCon has confirmed on their blog that they won’t be organizing the 2012 Second Life Community Convention which normally happens in mid August. This is due to contract changes offered by Linden Lab. This is sad news and I was hoping this wouldn’t happen.

Due to changes in the terms of the contract offered by Linden Lab this year, AvaCon has declined to organize a Second Life Community Convention in 2012.  We continue to pursue our overall mission and are focusing our attention on other activities and events that promote the metaverse.

Here is a snapshot of Rod Humble at SLCC 2011 doing his first SL keynote address.

In recent years I enjoyed visiting the SLCC regions inworld and also the SLCC online streams. Perhaps there might be something planned for SLCC 2013 or 2014 in the near future.

What do you think of this shocking news?