OSG5B celebrations party dates

OSgrid will be celebrating it’s fifth birthday celebration later this month and party dates have now been announced. OSG5B celebrations take place on Friday 20th July to Tuesday 24th July 2012, according to Nebadon Izumi. OSG5B sims are already online and final preparations are taking place currently. Stay tuned for more updates soon on my blog. 🙂

Details about OSG5B

Just wanted to announce that at the last Town Hall meeting we decided that the OSG5B celebrations will take place between July 20th (Friday) to July 24th (Tuesday), We have also started up the Party grounds for this year, but we still have a lot of work to do there, I will let Eryn explain more about how things will shake down this year, and if anyone is interested in getting a parcel she is the person to see, thanks Eryn!

OSG5B Groups > there are two OSG5B groups this year.

  • OSG5B Celebration

This group is for everyone who wants to join in celebration the 5th birthday of OSgrid.
From this group we will invite to parties and keep you up to date on upcoming events.

  • OSG5B Planners

All planners and organizers for the 5th birthday of OSgrid.This group is for building on the exhibition regions and to keep the people “behind the scenes” up to date.

OSG5B regions map

  • OSG5B North
  • OSG5B Northeast
  • OSG5B West
  • OSG5B Central
  • OSG5B East
  • OSG5B Southwest
  • OSG5B South

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