SLCC 2012, still no details from AvaCon team

AvaCon have been silent lately on releasing any sort of details for SLCC 2012 for Second Life. SLCC is organized by the Second Life community and normally takes place in mid August every year. This year marks the 8th convention for SLCC and hopefully it’s going to happen.

Expect it to be on the weekend of the 11th or 18th of August 2012. It would be a big shame if the SLCC organisers say that it’s not happening this year. Roughly there’s around 5-6 weeks left to go and hopefully we will know either way soon.

Still no word from the following..

From what I’m hearing in recent weeks it’s likely to be hosted in Boston for SLCC 2012. Every year the conference will be alternating between San Francisco and Boston.

When I hear more I will blog about it. 🙂


8 thoughts on “SLCC 2012, still no details from AvaCon team

  1. Lalo Telling

    From experience in another fandom, I can tell you: One does not organize a convention – let alone one that purports to be national – in five weeks,nor its programming, nor expect anyone to come to it. Official word or not, it seems certain that there will be no SLCC in 2012… unless they move the date later in the year, when people are even less likely to attend.



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