ReactionGrid closing down

According to the latest blog post on Hypergrid Business it appears that ReactionGrid is moving away from Opensim and closing down the grid within the next 24/48 hours or so. ReactionGrid has 81 regions with 105 active users (active within the past month) with 11, 555 total registered users apparently via July 2012 Opensim Grid Statistics. It’s sad news that ReactionGrid will be closing down it’s public opensim grid this week and i’m sure it will be missed by it’s userbase.

In the comments section Maria Korolov posted this…

A ReactionGrid customer just forwarded me an email from the company, which provides a bit more information.


“By the end of the month of July, we will be closing ReactionGrid’s public OpenSimulator grid.

“We understand some of you may have islands with us that have been paid through to a certain date and we will work with you to prorate any time left on that pre-paid contract. 

“To help you migrate all your content, we can provide you with a final OAR file for every region you maintain on our public OpenSimulator grid before we close your regions.”


The ReactionGrid website has been inactive for many months.

I signed up to ReactionGrid on 19th December 2010 and attended a christmas party back then. I logged at various times to explore ReactionGrid and attend Pathfinder Lester office hours on ReactionGrid which were always interesting.

View my ReactionGrid snapshots!



Hot Bay City Nights 2012 Press Release

Read this immediate press release by Bay City alliance announcing Hot Bay City Nights which will be taking place from 18th to 25th August 2012 in Second Life at North Channel region. This event will “present the best in vintage and retro vehicles for all Second Life™ avatars”. There will be music events, a bikini contest, and a charity car wash which sounds awesome.

Full press release below…


Marianne McCann
Bay City Alliance

Event focuses on top Second Life™ vintage automakers.

BAY CITY, SL (30th July, 2012) – Celebrating Bay City’s mid-century theme as well as its large network of roads, “Hot Bay City Nights” will showcase vehicle makers who create automobiles from the Bay City “era,” stretching from 1940 to 1965. Hot Bay City Nights in a first of its kind event, borrowing a page or two from the city’s successful “Bay City Fashion Week’ last April.

Established vintage automobile designers will be found in the Bay City Fairgrounds, in the North Channel region, from August 18-25 to present the best in vintage and retro vehicles for all Second Life™ avatars.

Additional events will provide plenty for all to do, including DJ and live music events, a bikini contest, and a charity car wash. The event will raise funds for Child’s Play, a charity that provides toys and games for children in hospitals around the world.

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab™ and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life™ and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest Bay city group, and home to most Residents of Bay City.

For more information, contact: Marianne McCann

A cool London 2012 Olympic Stadium in Second Life

Visit this cool looking London 2012 Olympic Stadium in Second Life with the Olympic flame and freebies. I went to visit the stadium in Second Life and I was very impressed with the build. I picked up a free Olympic torch and walked around the stadium for a while. If you compare this cool looking virtual London 2012 Olympic Stadium with the real life one it looks really similar.

Check out my SL snapshots below showing various areas.

Wow, great job! 😀

London City in Second Life celebrating London 2012 Olympic Games

The grand opening of London 2012 Olympic Games starts today from 9pm – 12:30am UK time. Everyone will be able to watch the London 2012 Olympics online, on the TV, via radio and watch via other media sources. If you visit London City region today in Second Life you will see it’s updated with London 2012 Olympic themed builds which looks really cool. London City is one of the many  popular destinations in Second Life and really worth visiting during the next 2 weeks of the olympics.

Live coverage starts later on today…

We hope you will join us on Friday, from 11am SLT (7pm UK) as we prepare ourselves for a month of fun activities, events, concerts and other special entertainment.

Check out my snapshots of London City below…

(Below) – Snapshot of Tower bridge in London City in SL

(Below) – Snapshot of the London 2012 SL stage

(Below) – Snapshot of London City Regent’s Park in SL

(Below) – Snapshot from above of London City in SL

Second Life user concurrency 2012 summer update

My last post about the Second Life user concurrency levels was back in early April 2012 and I reported that the daily SL concurrency mostly stayed the same. Since April 2012 the Second Life user concurrency hasn’t really peeked over the 65, 000 mark and I have to say its been slowly dropping since January 2012. Since April 2012 the minimum daily concurrency seems to be around the 30, 000 to 35, 000 mark.

The mean and median peak concurrency has dropped from 50, 000 down to 45, 000 since April 2012. At the moment daily Second Life signups seems to be around the 16, 000 mark per day. On 8th July 2012 total registered SL users reached the 30 million milestone however signups have slowed down over the past few years. On 27th July 2010 total registered SL users passed the 20 million milestone 2 years ago. Every 2 years it goes up by 10 million accounts and just recently Philip Rosedale said that there are 1 million active users that use Second Life.

There seems to be a decline in total main grid regions since April 2012 where it was above 30, 000+ and as of 19th July it stands at 29, 496 regions. I do think the decline is very alarming for Second Life and that SL users are spending less time in Second Life more this year than in previous years. I hope things will improve during the last half of 2012 but it’s going to take time for things to pick up again.

Maximum Daily Concurrency

Minimum Daily Concurrency

Median Daily Concurrency

Next update will be in November/December 2012.

Happy 5th birthday OSGrid

OSGrid is now officially 5 years old and birthday celebrations take place all this weekend. Sign up for a OSGrid account or log into OSGrid to enjoy the 5th birthday of OSGrid. OSG5B events and exhibitions will be held from 20th -24th July 2012 at the OSG5B regions and here is the timetable schedule below.

FRIDAY 20th JULY 2012

  • Fri 20th at 11.30 am PDT: D&J OSG5B Party at region Close Encounter with DJ JayMaze – all different styles of music.
  • Fri 20th at 3.00 pm PDT: short program – Em Jannings: Call Me Ishmael from Melville’s Moby Dick – on north side at region OSG5B Northeast – a live-voice performance by Avatar Repertory Theater


  • Sat 21st at noon PDT: Opening and welcome speech by OSgrid president Nebadon Izumi at region OSG5B Central
  • Sat 21st after the speech: Live music with Greybeard Thinker and friends with guest stars “Just Us” at region OSG5B Central
  • Sat 21st 1.30 pm PDT: Live-voice performances by Avatar Repertory Theater – Mr. Nakamura (Corwyn Allen), a scene from Zoo Story by Edward Albee (Thundergas Menges and Em Jannings) and The Child, a story (Pipsqueak Albatros) – on north side at regionOSG5B Northeast
  • Sat 21st 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm PDT: Live music with fritz clawtooth at region OSG5B Central
  • Sat 21st 8.00 pm PDT to late: Dance Party with music mix (60’s to 00’s) and live performances by Walter Balazic / Littlefield Authority (and possibly Hiro Protaganist) at Speakeasy Club at region Speakeasy.

SUNDAY 22nd JULY 2012

  • Sun 22nd 2.00 pm PDT to late: The Belfast Maritime Club “on the road” featuring Truelie Ellen, Casias Faltas, Kitzie Lane, and special guests at region OSG5B Central
  • Sun 22nd 4.00 pm PDT: Avatar Repertory Theater – Affairs of the Smart by Kayden Oconnell (Rowan Shamroy & Em Jannings), Two Person Conversation, a play from the Short Play Buffet (Em Jannings & Kayden Oconnell) – on the north side at region OSG5B Northeast

MONDAY 23rd JULY 2012

  • Mon 23rd from 1.00 pm PDT: Techno Music with DJ Tommy Jonas at region OSG5B Central
  • Mon 23rd 5.00 pm PDT: Live-voice performances by Avatar Repertory Theater – No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre (SL cast) – on the north side at region OSG5B Northeast


  • Tue 24th 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm PDT: A party featuring DJ Benc1414 Zessinthal spinning party music of various genres at BZ Universal exhibit (Skybox) at region OSG5B East


InWorldz reaches 60, 000 registered users

InWorldz late wednesday night (PDT) reached the 60, 000 registered users milestone which is another step closer to the big 100, 000 registered users milestone. I’m predicting the 100, 000 registered users milestone will be reached by the end of 2013/early 2014 at current signup rates. You can keep track of the InWorldz grid stats via the InWorldz Login page. Yay!


Total Users: 60, 044 (As of 5am SLT today)

InWorldz total users over the years

  • “The first 1, 000 took almost a year.. the second 1, 000 just a bit over a month..”
  • 1, 000 members – 16th February 2010
  • 2, 000 members – 14th May 2010
  • 5, 000 members – 20th June 2010
  • 6, 000 members – 29th June 2010
  • 7, 000 members – 4th July 2010
  • 10, 000 members – 12th August 2010
  • 20, 000 members – 21st October 2010
  • 25, 000 members – 12th December 2010
  • 30, 000 members – 1st February 2011
  • 40, 000 members – 15th July 2011
  • 50, 000 members – 15th January 2012
  • 60, 000 members – 18th July 2012
  • 100, 000 members – Late 2013/early 2014

More snapshots of OSG5B

2 days left and counting until OSG5B

Lani Global from OSgrid has uploaded many amazing OSG5B Images Photos Textures to celebrate OSgrid 5th birthday celebrations starting this weekend. In the forum post Lani says the following about these snapshots…

Here are some OSG5B region photos I made on 18 July 2012, before the celebration started. Feel free to use these for OSGrid archives or other purposes. 

I hereby place these images in the public domain. Free to use, copy, modify, or do anything you want with. No attribution needed.

Check out these nice looking OSG5B snapshots below…

342,576+ USD raised so far for Relay For Life in SL 2012

Apparently 342,576+ USD has been raised so far for this year’s 2012 Relay For Life event in Second Life which is fantastic news.The RFL sims in Second Life are still open with donations still being received via kiosks and vendors. Check out the RFL SL website for live USD stats and more interesting RFL pages.

Current RFL Stats for 2012

  • Avatars: 1741
  • Laps: 2978
  • Distance: 27, 440, 917 meters
  • Course Length: 9, 216 meters

Luminaria Stats

  • Number lit: 3773
  • Donated: L$2, 023, 234


Past RFL SL stats

  • 2004 – US$2,000
  • 2005 – US$5,000
  • 2006 – US$41,000
  • 2007 – US$118,500
  • 2008 – US$215,000
  • 2009 – US$274,000
  • 2010 – US$222,804
  • 2011 –  US$371, 670 – NEW RECORD!
  • 2012 – US$342,576+ (still on-going)

I’m looking forward to Relay For Life 2013 events and so the countdown starts. 😀


OSG5B sneak preview

Osgrid will be celebrating it’s 5th birthday on Friday 20th July until Tuesday 24th July 2012 which is going to be awesome and bigger than ever before. This is another major milestone for Osgrid to reach it’s 5th birthday. OSG5B has 7 regions dedicated to the birthday with OSG5B exhibits to visit and there will be many live music performances.

New sneak peak snapshots of OSG5B Central region on OSgrid


Join the OSG5B Celebration group for news updates.

Osgrid stats via Osgrid Login Screen

  • 8, 897 regions
  • 3, 594 (last 30 days) active users
  • 78, 992 total users

Here are sneak preview snapshots of OSG5B via using the Imprudence 1.3.2 viewer.

OSG5B regions list

  • OSG5B North
  • OSG5B Northeast
  • OSG5B West
  • OSG5B Central
  • OSG5B East
  • OSG5B Southwest
  • OSG5B South
OSG5B map
Latest News > July 2012 > Check out Hypergrid passes 100 grid milestone by Maria Korolov.


 Will you be attending ?