SL9B stats

SL9B Stats

  • Total number of SL9B visitors: (waiting for stats)
  • SL9B Regions: 20
  • SL9B Applications: Over 450+ applications
  • SL9B Stages: 5
  • SL9B Exhibits: 357
  • SL9B Opening: 300+ visitors during the first hour
  • SL9B Linden Guests: Amber Linden, Lexie Linden, Tommy Linden, Viale Linden, Brett Linden, Theresa Linden and Philip Linden
  • SL9B Greeters: 113
  • SL9B Exhibitor members: 1, 187
  • SL9B Performers and DJs: 318
  • SL9B Press: 66
  • SL9B Blog Stats: 69,000+ hits since May 27th 2012 + (5, 089 views – busiest day on 18th June 2012)
  • SL9B Flickr Stats: 1,239 photos | 156 members
  • SL9B Pods: 18+
  • SL9B Event Duration: 11 days

SL9B Land Traffic (6:15am SLT – 26th June 2012)

  1. SL9B Cake Stage: 6072
  2. SL9B Main Stage: 3850
  3. SL9B DJ Stage: 3843
  4. SL9B Welcome Hub: 2665 
  5. SL9B Lake Stage: 1106
  6. SL9B Sunken Stage: 475

Previous SL birthday stats can be found here.

SL9B regions will be closing on Wednesday 27th June 2012 at 11:59pm SLT.


SL9B ends and SL10B countdown starts

On 16th April 2012 Linden Lab announced that Second Life’s 9th Birthday would focus on the spotlight community events across the grid. Soon after the announcement the SL community (key staff ) came together to plan for SL9B. In mid May 2012 the first 6 regions appeared on the grid which was exciting to see because it’s all resident supported this year.As the weeks went by more regions came online until it reached 20 regions by the end of May 2012. Thanks to the very kind sponsors: DreamSeeker Estates, Fruit Islands and KittyCats. My snapshots of SL9B can be found on my SL Flickr stream.

View the SL9B Map at 4:53pm SLT today.

Applications for exhibitors and other roles opened during late May until 3rd June. Over 450+ applications were recieved this year which is awesome I think for SL9B. On 4th June exhibitors were invited over to the SL9B regions to start building and things were completed on time. 330+ resident builds!

The SL9B press and bloggers day on 17th June was a big success this year and I think the pass press SL9B members enjoyed the tours around the SL9B regions during the morning, afternoon and evening. There was positive feedback and excitement this year from those that had a early sneak preview of SL9B builds.

The SL9B opening and keynotes on 18th June from 11am SLT hosted by Saffia Widdershins saw hundreds of avatars attending the SL9B Cake Stage & surrounding regions which was fantastic. The SL9B entertainment started after 12pm SLT at the main attractions and stages.

  • SL9B live entertainment ends tonight (24th June 2012)
  • SL9B exhibits close on Wednesday 27th June 2012 followed by the 20 SL9B sims soon after. 
Special thanks to SL9B sponsors, SL9B volunteers and SL9B organisers this year for all of their efforts and time for making this birthday rock. SL9B was a huge success I think and for me it was great to be part of this historical SL first resident run birthday event. 😀
SL9B Feedback
  • Great quality builds
  • Helpful greeters, organisers and staff
  • Meshes makes a big difference
  • Fantastic SL9B events at the main stages
  • Excellent week


Saffia Widdershins mentioned brief details for Second Life’s tenth birthday for next June 2013 during SL9B opening ceremony. The countdown is now on for SL10B.

Next year is the Big One. The Tenth Birthday. And, believe me, we’ll be prepared.

Because it will be Huge. There will be more sims, more exhibits, more art, more music, more of everything than ever before. We’ll be entering double figures – and we’ll be shouting to the world that Second Life is bigger and better than it ever was – a place where we have claimed our world for our imagination.

And we’ll be holding our first planning meeting … well, maybe in a month or so.