SL9B opens & SLURLS

SL9B opened officially to everyone this morning with hundreds of avatars attending the opening ceremony at the SL9B Cake Stage. Over 100+ attended, 200+ visiting exhibits and attractions.  Honor McMillan and Saffia Widdershinns gave an opening speech for SL9B which rocked and now there are hundreds of performance events to visit. So far Lexie Linden, Viale Linden & Tommy Linden have been visiting SL9B.

SL9B Map at SL9B sims at 2.24pm SLT today.

SL9B main attraction SLURLS

Feel free to IM me for places to visit at SL9B. Please join & send all of your SL9B snapshots to the SL9B Community Celebration Flickr group > 


SL9B opens today at 11am SLT

The big day has finally arrived when the SL9B resident run community event opens to the public. The party starts today from 11am SLT at the SL9B Cake Stage for an opening speech by the SL9B organizers. After weeks of planning and building it’s time to celebrate 9 years of Second Life. I’m really excited and I’m sure you are too. YAY!

Happy 9th Birthday Second Life

 The SL9B map this morning before the grand opening at 4am SLT…
Hanging out with the kittycat at SL9B Welcome Hub this morning. Visit the hub for the free SL9B HUD for places to visit.
The SL9B Teleport HUD