SL9B Press Preview Day opens

The SL9B sims are now open to SL media and press members to tour around the birthday regions to view the fantastic builds created by SL9B exhibitors. The grand opening is tomorrow morning from 11am SLT which is going to rock and bigger than in previous years. Over 60 press members have applied to access the SL9B sims today and hopefully everyone will be impressed with the layout/builds this year.

There is a free SL9B Birthday HUD to pick up at the SL9B Welcome Hub. Here are new sneak preview snapshots of  the main attractions around the SL9B regions. 1 day left!

SL9B Cake Stage SLURL

SL9B Main Stage – SLURL

SL9B Welcome Hub – SLURL


SL9B Sunken Stage – SLURL

SL9B Lake Stage – SLURL

SL9B Auditorium – SLURL

More SL9B press snapshots can be found on the official SL9B Flickr group page. More SL9B coverage during the opening and during next week of the birthday. If you are member of the invited press for SL9B, let me know what you think of the SL9B sims in comments?


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