1001 InWorldz regions milestone

This morning InWorldz reached the 1001 regions milestone on the InWorldz Login Page which is great news. When I signed up to InWorldz on 2nd September 2010 there was 499 regions. It’s been growing ever since and today it passed the big one of 1000 regions.

Screenshot of the new look InWorldz Login Screen at 7:55am SLT. 😀

  • 1005 – 18th May 2012
  • 1016 – 19th May 2012

 Wow! 🙂

Here is the graph showing InWorldz regions growth since July 2010 via Hypergrid Business, as of 15th May 2012. It’s interesting to see the growth of InWorldz which seems to be rising at good rates. Avination seems to be on the other side of the scale but will catch on later I’m sure.


11 thoughts on “1001 InWorldz regions milestone

  1. 56,640 Total Users | Divided by 1001 regions | 56 users per region maximum| 181 users actually online at a given time | Less than 6 users per region if lucky | In terms of a virtual world, InWorlds has roughly the co-currency of ActiveWorlds today. Not exactly inspiring.

    56,640 users really should read “total registered accounts” because it doesn’t take into account inactive, abandoned, ALT or Bot accounts. The true number to watch is co-currency, in this case that number is 181 users. A far cry from the total listed. Which means at 1001 regions and 181 co-current users, we get to finish the sentence with: …and most of those regions are an empty ghost-town.


    1. keep it simple ok and look at the IP draw if the actual numbers. wow what does that mean. well it means When signing in you are seeing active ping on the server. ok. I see them low numbers all the time but I send my notice out and my DJ events fill up. This is in small groups. In SL I send my notices to the groups big ones. OMG no one shows. mmmm well that must be all them fine mobile application. The new wave bot. dead group fake groups. it is amazing to see 191 people on and they actually care. Yes care about others here. I never have problems rounding people up for events. By the way next time your InWorldz
      and you go to log on throw that number away because I will take 181 active users over a million ghost. is better than standing in Ahern or freebi land. This is a builders paradise a mecca of the best builds in any of the worldz.
      am I bias yes I am. because the service of the founders are unequaled. they are there and part of it. you got to a empty sim it is because we built it for are self not for you. Buy a region put your money where your mouth is.


      1. ok after a year of inworldz wow has it changed. The founders have done so many good things. But that still does not out weigh the right to take away freedom of speech. Collect thousands of dollars from residents only to have Elenia troll them in the forums. To see there senior mentors attack wonderful old time residents in the forums.
        and the moment you post something to defend your self you are thrown away.
        I am on Spring break and will not be back for a while. But watching how they beat up not 1 or 2 but many people in the forums has shown that the founders Have become worse than the lindens.
        The lindens never took away my freedom of speech.
        For you to moderate people in your forums and still allow the mentors to abuse these people Shame on you three.
        And Jim Tarber just collect the money.
        I went there 50,000 members 156 online and today right now 73,000 members 121 online. to be fare at other times it is just over 200.

        The fact is your mentors do not do retention so it is time to grow up IW. you have a great little sim. But you need to recognize this Beth stay out of the residents business.
        Just edit things that are not to your policy. But the moment you take away freedom of speech you open the door to thousand of activist. You have done nothing but look like a troll in the forum Beth. And people use you because you are so predictable.
        Stir it up bring Beth in make her look mean. get in your car Beth go to the bank and just edit things before you become that drama queen they say you are.

        So long inworldz I will be spending my time doing Machima in SL path finding has brought new Ideas.
        happy birthday IW


  2. I have recently been checking out InWorldz because I can’t justify the price of owning a region in SL anymore and it is the only product SL offers that even interests me at this point.

    It is true that there aren’t many active users online at the same time as compared to SL, but the lower price point for regions is great for creative types or the people that are completely priced out of owning one in SL. So far, InWorldz is turning out to be a great alternative for me.


  3. i feel it is important to point out of the numbers quoted here, 191 regions are inworldz sponsored regions…40%of the increase in 2 years perhaps we are seeing the answer to a hypothetical question “what would happen if a dyed in the wool drama queen had her own grid?”…


    1. well Lets say Anyra braveheart closed her seas do to people leaving. Most people find that you have to compete against the founders for events or have your speech taken away by the mentors that have become the trolls of the forums.
      the Decline in inworldz is well noticed the mystic is gone. the Elf clans Alts have trolls in the the forums pushing people around. The elf clan is ok but they have there grievers also as ALT’s please prove me wrong.

      The worst thing IW did was become cyber thugs take your money beat you up and throw you away and do it in public of all your residents.
      Wake up You three one voice is worth a thousand words. And one voice can do so much to help and it can be a bad thing.
      I was paid to do a machima buy a friend of Vixens and the sim crashed I was banned for crashing a sim WTF. grow up Inworldz.


  4. Er2914a

    65,000 users 244 online. ok fact is this and I have convo’s to back it. I have three alts in IW one is used for promotion and teahing RL students. The others are used for fun the one is a RL professor that brings his media class in. so if you know your stuff. and you want to do things dont go to the grid. I had my students run off trying to come in I have waited for them to come in from other grids to work on the media projects. when a over heated mentor ejects me for talking to a avi about a viewer
    To go in there with a great product just to be banned black listed by the founders old friends that have made strong groups. to have our root prim attached to how ?’
    you know I thought it was me and I am sure it takes two but the fact is we push money that way we promote but they don’t want you there . they just want a closed grid. 65,000 avi’s and 244 online you see the return rate. well keeping running my class off and see what the students say because they are the future.


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