SL9B resident centralised birthday update 1

On Monday 14th May 2012 Saffia Widdershins will be making a formal announcement about a SL9B resident centralised birthday which is very exciting news indeed. Well done to those planning SL9B well ahead of time and it’s going to be interesting who will hosting SL9B events during June 2012 in the SL community. Prim Perfect mentions some early SL9B details. See below.

For the moment I can say that it will be ten sims. There will be stages, resident plots, art plots, and there are plans to link to other community events across the grid.

There will be a birthday cake and a time capsule.

But there will be no involvement by Linden Lab. This a 100% resident event (which is being organised by some of the volunteers behind past Birthday and Burn events).

Stay tuned for the formal announcement on SL9B next week. Yay! 🙂


2 thoughts on “SL9B resident centralised birthday update 1

  1. The Second Life 9th Birthday (SL9B) celebrations will be interesting to watch this year. With little to no Linden involvement, it will be interesting to see how widely attended / successful the various community-driven events will be. Ideally, these types of celebrations would be the fodder for out-world marketing efforts as well as existing “Residents,” and used to introduce SL prospects to the platform. If LL REALLY had their act together, they would measure and make public statistics on how this type of anniversary celebration had a positive impact on retention, recruitment and revenue!


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