Opening of two new exhibits at LA Gallery of Fine Arts


There will be two new exhibits opening up at the LA Gallery of Fine Arts this afternoon in Second Life. The opening is set for 1pm SLT on Thursday 12th April 2012 in Myrtle Cove. The artists will be there to talk about the creation of the new exhibits during the afternoon. If you are into art in Second Life then come along to this special event.


Snapshot above: Nice view of LA Gallery of Fine Arts.

Logging into Virtual Worlds Grid

I signed up for Virtual Worlds Grid today which is an OpenSim based grid running Second Life using OpenSim Release. I downloaded and installed the Imprudence 1.3.2 viewer to log into the Virtual Worlds Grid. You can also use Pheonix, Hippo, Windows, Mac or Linux clients to use the Virtual Worlds Grid too.

Virtual Worlds Grid was founded in April 2007 and it’s been growing steadily every year since then. Here are the current grid statistics as of 6:20am SLT (11th April 2012) for the Virtual Worlds Grid. 

Users in World: 2      Regions: 928      Total Users: 672      Active Users (Last 30 Days): 46

It’s a rather tiny OpenSim grid with more regions then users which is very interesting and it’s tiny compared with other well-known OpenSim grids. Only 46 users have logged in during the past 30 days and when I was logged in there was only one other user logged in. The sign-up process is very straightforward to create your avatar account and log into the grid from the left hand side of the page.

Fill out your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password and type of avatar. 

Once completed and press the create button it will redirect you to this page saying Your account has been created.

Check out this helpful tutorial page to get started > Instructions for entering Virtual Worlds Grid

Snapshot showing logging into the Virtual Worlds Grid using viewer 1 based Imprudence viewer.

Snapshot showing me logged in at the Virtual Worlds College location. It’s worth walking around Virtual Worlds College and nearby regions if you are new to the grid.

Snapshot showing the World Map at zoom out.

I recommend teleporting to different regions across the map to explore them if you are new to the grid.

Let me know what you think of the grid ?

The Yard at Honie Isle closing down on 27th April 2012

Yesterday evening (SLT) there was sad news posted in White Tigers Mentors group via group noticea and inworld group chat that The Yard at Honie Isle will be closing down in Second Life after 7 years. It’s sad to hear about closures in general in Second Life and it sometimes brings a tear to my eye when well-known locations shut down.

Closure dates

  • Public access to Honie Isle will stop on Saturday 14th April 2012.
  • The closure for The Yard at Honie Isle is Friday 27th April 2012.


The Yard at Honie Isle SLURL

Freebie,lucky chair,free avatars,mythical,gods,statues, Ladies,,shoes,hats,Goth,belts,,flexihair,home,skins,shapes huds.textures, sexy,clothes,BDSM,furries, Liberty.  Meeroos, meeroo


Here is the notecard announcing the closure of The Yard at Honie Isle in late April 2012.

Dear friends.

It is with great sadness, that we are writing this notecard to u.

As from the end of April. The Yard at Honie Isle, will be gone. 27th April 2012

The reason for this is……..both Min and I feel that the island is governing our lives, in more ways than one.
Plus we are no longer enjoying SecondLife anymore.

The years of dedication is beginning to take its toll on us. Its been 7 years, and in that time….we have helped countless newbies and residents, get started in SL. We personally feel over the years, we have provided an excellent service to the programme. Plus, we feel it is time that we start enjoying the time we have in SL instead.

Saturday the 14th of April. Public access will be removed from the island. This will give us time to collect up all the freebies and personal items. Then the island will be gone before the end of the month. Please would u remove any LandMarks to the island in ur folders.

Both Min and I have worked hard to provide everything a resident could possibly wish for. We set out 7 years ago, to make the greatest freebie place we could. WE feel that we have achieved this. Now its time for us to relax a little more .

Thank u for all ur support over these years. Both Min and I appreciate it. We have forged good friendships here and hope we shall continue to hold those friendships.

Real life is taking over much of our time now, and we cannot be here as often as we wish.

I do hope u will try and understand.

Thank u so much

Love Min and Till

Check out this kind message from Orange Planer.

Till Pierce said this via group chat yesterday evening…

The Yard is closing because after 7 years. The island has dominated both Mins and My life. We have put in many hours of work to provide a good service for SL. We have achieved wot we set out on SL to do. But there comes a time when the hard work and dedication becomes too much and we need a rest.

The last part Till said yesterday was this…

Yes it has been. I love the island that we have worked so hard for. But we cannot be here 24/7

When I logged inworld this morning and teleported over to The Yard at Honie Isle Till and CallieDel was there.

[03:47] V””V: aw ty for ur messages
[03:47] CallieDel Boa: Thank you for doing this, I hadn’t realized it was 7 years for you
[03:47] V””V: I have a message from Orange to put out too
[03:47] V””V: Yes Its been a long time
[03:48] V””V: I am tried of it all sis
[03:48] CallieDel Boa: Longer than I’ve been here, I hope you’ll still drop in.
[03:48] V””V: Yes, I need to find a new home
[03:48] V””V: somewhere for me and my roos
[03:48] CallieDel Boa: I can understand that. I haven’t been in-SL much myself this last year.
[03:48] CallieDel Boa: 5 years for me too
[03:49] V””V: Yes, its saddens me, but I have nothing left to give the programme anymore
[03:49] V””V: It used to be a joy to come online
[03:49] V””V: Now its a chore
[03:49] CallieDel Boa: When it’s no longer fun it’s time to move on.
[03:50] V””V: Yes
[03:50] V””V: I cant remember the last time I went out dancing
[03:51] V””V: I cant remember the last time I went exploring
[03:51] V””V: and if I did
[03:51] V””V: someone would call me back here for some reason or another
[03:51] CallieDel Boa: That can get old.
[03:51] V””V: I have been a prisoner here
[03:51] V””V: No more
[03:52] V””V: I have had my parole
[03:52] V””V: Out this month on a good behaviour bond. lol
[03:52] CallieDel Boa: I’d say you have, now it’s time to relax, explore, come and go as you wish
[03:52] CallieDel Boa: lol
[03:52] V””V: Yes it sure is
[03:52] V””V: I have enjoyed it
[03:53] V””V: But its time for the new ones to do their bit
[03:53] CallieDel Boa: Good point
[03:53] V””V: I have to go. Treacle wants me
[03:53] CallieDel Boa: Ok Huggggsss
[03:53] V””V: Hugs and ty for ur support and friendship
[03:53] V””V: both of u
[03:53] CallieDel Boa: Always Sis
[03:54] V””V: Dont be a stranger
[03:54] Daniel Voyager: thats ok 🙂
[03:54] CallieDel Boa: No way, yoiu either
[03:55] CallieDel Boa: I understand how she feels, but still sad

I know the SL community will appreciate the work Till Pierce and Min Ixtab the owners of  Honie Isle have done over the years and I think many will understand the hard decisions they had to make. I wish them all the best for the future!

Second Life user concurrency 2012 spring update

The last post I made about the Second Life user concurrency was back in late November 2011 where the SL concurrency levels were below the 70, 000 mark during 2011. During 2012 the daily SL concurrency has mostly stayed the same like it was back in 2011 with peaks around the 66, 000 mark with lows of around 32, 000 at any given time during the week. So I think we are not going to see any increase during the next few quarters unless something the lab does something to get more users and remain inworld for longer etc. The mean and median peak concurrency seems to be around the 50, 000 mark currently.

I would like to see the Second Life user concurrency stay between 70, 000 and 75, 000+. The levels were higher in previous years but the user concurrency trend was flat in 2011 and now in 2012 so far.

Check out these graphs from the SL Grid Survey to see the comparison.

(Below) Maximum Daily Concurrency

(Below) Minimum Daily Concurrency

(Below) Seasonal SL concurrency

This month the total count of main grid regions dropped below the 30, 000 mark for the first time since January 2010.  Second Life signups have dropped below 20, 000 per day since the 4th quarter of 2011. It’s interesting that signups dropped alot during the new year with the odd peak now/then. I think RL holidays do effect the Second Life user concurrency & signups among other things. Something needs to be done to keep users logged inworld for longer. Perhaps more press conferences, big events and more mention of Second Life in the coming months will increase signups. Perhaps many are logging else where like on OpenSim instead of the main grid which may effect these SL user concurrency numbers.

My hope is that things will increase/change in the coming months for Second Life. 🙂

Next update will be in July/August 2012.

Upcoming SL events during April 2012

There’s many exciting events happening during April 2012 around the grid in Second Life. Check out Easter events page on the Second Life Destination Guide for easter hunts, chocolate bunnies and more.

Happy Easter SL friends! 

Wear Grey

  • Friday 6th – Sunday 22nd April
  • “A two week market with creators from across the grid, new and old, banding together to help raise funds for the American Brain Tumor Association.”
  •  Saturday 14th – Sunday 22nd April
  • “The Bay City mainland community is hosting 20 of the top vintage, mid-century fashion designers for a Fashion Week from April 14-22 in the Bay City Fairgrounds in North Channel.”

SL Fantasy Faire 

  • Saturday 21st – Sunday 29th April
  • “Fantasy Faire 2012 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world.”

If you know of any more SL events this month then please comment below. Thanks! 🙂

Main Grid regions drops below 30, 000

According to Tyche Shepherd New SL Sims in past week latest post on SLUniverse Forums it seems the main grid total count of regions has dropped below the 30, 000 mark. The last time it went below 30k was 31st January 2010 which was some time ago.

Today there are now 29, 997 main grid regions. Here is the graph of total main grid regions since 31st October 2006 showing alot of high peaks and lows. Click the graph to see the dates along the bottom and for a larger image.

Second Life Main Grid size as of 3 Apr 2012

Ownership Total General Moderate Adult Offline Total Area (km²)
Total 29997 4573 22030 3388 6 1965.88
Linden Owned 7122 1745 5023 353 1 466.75
Private Estates 22875 2828 17007 3035 5 1499.14

Latest Main Grid total regions graph

It’s not surprising to see this happen but if rates continue then it’s concerning for the future of Second Life. Hopefully during 2012 the region count will stay above the 30, 000 mark and not decline further down into the 20ks.