Unscheduled maintenance update

Yesterday Linden Lab published an update on the Second Life Grid Status Reports page relating to the long downtime of the grid on Thursday 26th April 2012. This may or not happen again next Monday due to scheduled maintenance to correct the bug that caused the downtime a few days ago.

We will have to see what happens…

[UPDATED 2:30pm PDT, 27 April 2012] On April 26, 2012, the Second Life engineering team was performing an upgrade to the core network. The upgrade triggered a bug that led to downtime and instability throughout the day. The maintenance described in this post is scheduled for Monday, April 30 at 6am PT in order to correct the bug and may result in additional service interruption. We apologize for the service disruption and appreciate everyone’s patience.

SL concurrency levels went down to 10, 885 during the SL unscheduled maintenance on Thursday 26th April 2012 according to the SL Grid Survey which is a surprising low figure. However saying that it’s been much lower in previous years like in 2007 during downtime Wednesdays where the grid was down for many hours. In 2012 there’s around 30, 000 to 65, 000 logged into Second Life at any given point in time.

I would of thought all 10, 885 avatars will be logged off during the SL outrage so perhaps they were AFK, ghosts or something else. A few years ago on 2010-04-29 it went down to 6, 390 then on 2010-04-30 down to 4, 384 which caused a lot of service interruption. Check out the Historical Daily Concurrency graph showing the low peaks since 5th December 2009.

Else where it seemed like the SL community on Thursday were trying to log into opensim grids during the unscheduled maintenance time-frame.

  • InWorldz grid saw a rise of 352 (normal 200 – 250)
  • OSGrid saw a rise to 196 (normal 140)