Login failed due to undergoing unscheduled maintenance

It seems like Second Life is offline due to undergoing unscheduled maintenance right now. Latest updates check http://status.secondlifegrid.net/. I have not seen this Login Failed message for a while. On going discussions from the SL community about this can found on Plurk, Twitter, SLUniverse and the SL Forums. Hopefully logins will resume soon! 🙂

Login failed
Due to system problems. logins to Second Life have been disabled until further notice. Please monitor the Grid Status page 
for updates.  

Problems effecting logins, marketplace orders and SLwebsite services etc.


8 thoughts on “Login failed due to undergoing unscheduled maintenance

  1. Already lost 20 meeroo nests to this. Took them into inventory this morning at 7am PST. Tried to rez them about 3 minutes later on a different lot… and poof. Not in any folder.

    Have yet to get back online to see if anything is anywhere.

    That said, Meeroo’s have no value these days anyway. But still… its annoying. Wonder if we’ll ever find out what happened.


  2. A while back for me, would be more then annoying, i would report and ful premium support, fill reports and all that!
    Now it just gave me time to roll my OSgrids regions to latest version, released on the 24th of April, to check if all was good and enjoy them:)
    And to find a bit more about the future of commercial grids mainly the growing faith that if there will be one Open sim based grid that will soon be competing with SL is Kitely!


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