Second Life user concurrency 2012 spring update

The last post I made about the Second Life user concurrency was back in late November 2011 where the SL concurrency levels were below the 70, 000 mark during 2011. During 2012 the daily SL concurrency has mostly stayed the same like it was back in 2011 with peaks around the 66, 000 mark with lows of around 32, 000 at any given time during the week. So I think we are not going to see any increase during the next few quarters unless something the lab does something to get more users and remain inworld for longer etc. The mean and median peak concurrency seems to be around the 50, 000 mark currently.

I would like to see the Second Life user concurrency stay between 70, 000 and 75, 000+. The levels were higher in previous years but the user concurrency trend was flat in 2011 and now in 2012 so far.

Check out these graphs from the SL Grid Survey to see the comparison.

(Below) Maximum Daily Concurrency

(Below) Minimum Daily Concurrency

(Below) Seasonal SL concurrency

This month the total count of main grid regions dropped below the 30, 000 mark for the first time since January 2010.  Second Life signups have dropped below 20, 000 per day since the 4th quarter of 2011. It’s interesting that signups dropped alot during the new year with the odd peak now/then. I think RL holidays do effect the Second Life user concurrency & signups among other things. Something needs to be done to keep users logged inworld for longer. Perhaps more press conferences, big events and more mention of Second Life in the coming months will increase signups. Perhaps many are logging else where like on OpenSim instead of the main grid which may effect these SL user concurrency numbers.

My hope is that things will increase/change in the coming months for Second Life. 🙂

Next update will be in July/August 2012.


2 thoughts on “Second Life user concurrency 2012 spring update

  1. Remember that how SL is used now has changed. Prior to mesh all but sculpty building was pretty much done within SL. Clothes textures were an outside creative task too. But, these were not time intense as mesh is.

    Most of the last week I have spent watching video tutorials and experimenting in Blender. A couple of years ago I was exploring and learning in places like the Prim Place and Particle Lab. Or I was flying through the Collage of Scripting learning to script using LSL.

    Now I don’t even script in the viewer. Most of my scripting is done in LSLEditor. Many of my builds are tested repeatedly in OSGrid before I start to bring the first copies into ADITI and later AGNI.

    I think I spend as much or more time on SL than I did in 2010. But, a significant percentage of my SL time is now spent outside SL.

    The Lindens are telling us more people are participating in SL but spending less time in SL. I believe that because it matches my experience. But.we have no way to quantify what is actually happening.

    If I am typical, then concurrency numbers remaining constant is suggestive that user numbers are increasing.


  2. Thanks Nalates.

    Well since 2010 I have been spending more time in social network sites, reading blogs and exploring opensim grids. There are fewer office hours today and hardly any blog posts by LL so I’ve not been inworld as much as I used to.

    SL concurrency seems to be still low than it used to be in previous years. Still no big increase since 2009.


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