Main Grid regions drops below 30, 000

According to Tyche Shepherd New SL Sims in past week latest post on SLUniverse Forums it seems the main grid total count of regions has dropped below the 30, 000 mark. The last time it went below 30k was 31st January 2010 which was some time ago.

Today there are now 29, 997 main grid regions. Here is the graph of total main grid regions since 31st October 2006 showing alot of high peaks and lows. Click the graph to see the dates along the bottom and for a larger image.

Second Life Main Grid size as of 3 Apr 2012

Ownership Total General Moderate Adult Offline Total Area (km²)
Total 29997 4573 22030 3388 6 1965.88
Linden Owned 7122 1745 5023 353 1 466.75
Private Estates 22875 2828 17007 3035 5 1499.14

Latest Main Grid total regions graph

It’s not surprising to see this happen but if rates continue then it’s concerning for the future of Second Life. Hopefully during 2012 the region count will stay above the 30, 000 mark and not decline further down into the 20ks.