New Resident Experience regions over time

Here are snapshots of various new resident experience regions Linden Lab have rolled out over the years including the historical orientation islands and help islands. Historical snapshots below (SL beta – 2012) and feel free to share your new resident experience memories in comments. 🙂

Orientation Island Public – (SL Beta – 2012)

New Orientation Island – (2006-2008)

Help Island – (2006 – 2012) 

Welcome Island Public – (April 2010 to 2012 )

SL Discovery Island Public  (April 2010 to mid 2011)

Greeter Island – (November 2011 – January 2012)

New Destination Islands – (March 2012 – current experience)

What’s next ? 

Today I created a new Flickr set called New Residents Regions if you are interested in viewing more snapshots of the New Resident Experience in Second Life. I joined TSL back in October 2006 and went though Orientation Island TG. When I reached the end I was teleported to the TG Welcome Area where I started my adventures as a young teenager.

Between 2005 – 2011 Teens had Orientation Island 5 (overflow region) & Orientation Island TG (active) plus two Teen Help Islands which were never used. The snapshot below I took on 31st May 2008 showing a busy Orientation Island 5. There were between 14-30 new teens at any one time going through these teen Orientation Islands. Today Orientation Island 5 and the two Teen Help Islands still remain on the grid today but teleport access has been disabled.

Today Help Island Public, Help Island Public 2, Orientation Island Public and the newer Welcome Island Public you can still visit to go through the basics of Second Life. 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Resident Experience regions over time

  1. I wish someone could add to this with photos from the very FIRST orientation and/or welcome sim(s). For historical purposes, I’ve always been curious to know where they were. I’ve never found definitive proof, but from my investigation, I’ve pin-pointed the Natoma sim in Sansara as having been the first welcome area that new residents arrived at on the mainland after their orientation period.


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