100 SL blog followers

Today I looked at my SL blog dashboard site stats and was amazed to see that I now have 100 SL blog followers which i’m very pleased about. It’s been good to see the increase of followers over the years and I hope that more will become interested in my blog for years to come.

Follow my blog today! 🙂

Since July 2011 my blog has been viewed by 76, 046+ times and hopefully soon my blog will reach the 100, 000 views milestone which i’m really looking forward to. Check out my blog views month-by-month below. 🙂

Thank you very much for subscribing and reading my blog posts. Yay! 🙂


10 thoughts on “100 SL blog followers

  1. Congratulations Daniel! You have created a hub of information and I’m surprised you “Followers” isn’t much much higer. Have you tried some of the free site meteres? I use SiteMeter for a really detailed view of traffic, and I recommend it. Also, I get a real kick out of watching my ClustrMap grow (there are others, btw). I’ve come to understand that top bloggers are top bloggers because they work hard and provide great information. And you are very much a Top Blogger, Daniel! Hugs


  2. Hey Dan, well done on this achievement! I’m watching my follower count closely as it slowly crawls against gravity since I started blogging in late December! Also, thank you for sharing your stats – it’s hard to get very much insight out of your own without some kind of point of reference, and this helps. I hope that after nine months of blogging, I have the engaged audience that you currently enjoy. All the best.


  3. Congrats, Daniel, this blog deserves to keep growing. Thank you for the valuable info you’ve been providing. As someone passionate about SL, I may say your blog is a great source of information.


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