New Destination Islands added to the new user experience

This week Linden Lab have renamed Welcome Islands to Destination Islands as part of new user experience changes to Second Life. Linden Lab have rolled out many different versions of help regions over the years to help new users in Second Life.

These new Destination Islands have a new feel to them when you first arrive. Destination Islands are Linden Realms themed and it seems the experience is even more simple than before. There are 24 Destination Islands which I believe new users are now being sent to.

There are 7 portals and when you walk through you will be automatically teleported. Once you leave Destination Island you cannot go back and the teleport says its failed.

Here are snapshots from Destination Island. As you can see the edge of the central hub area is surrounded by green Linden Realms trees and water.

Destination Island arrival where you have to choose from different destinations on themed boards. To visit you have to walk through the portals to teleport to the Second Life destinations. This is the first view new residents will now see when they log in for the first time in Second Life however there doesn’t seem to be any help tutorials on the island which is rather alarming.

A snapshot from above showing a massive Second Life hand and portals in the middle of a green jungle of trees.

Try it out if you are interested in exploring Destination Islands.