Epic opening at VWBPE 2012

Early this morning I logged into Second Life to visit VWBPE locations around the grid and started to collect notecards/freebies which was fun. As you can see today I have updated my blog for VWBPE 2012 which I hope all my readers will like. I went over to the first event on the listings called Conference Orientation Meet-and-Greet where the SL community started to catch up and hang out.

The dragon parade I enjoyed alot today because there was a board of free dragon avatars and you could try them on. There was loads of avatars about some in human form, wearing dragons and other cute creatures. http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduIsland%208/92/10/21

There was epic crowds at the VWBPE keynotes today hosted by Knowclue Kidd who did an epic presentation to a crowd of 150+ avatars in the four VWBPE central regions. There was a live  stream at http://vwbpe.treet.tv/ where many avatars watched the keynotes event online. Knowclue shared an open Google document for everyone to add epic ideas and epic gear http://bit.ly/wf2JCe. The epic talk presentation lasted for about 40 minutes and I think everyone enjoyed the epic presentation.


More snapshots will be posted on my SL Flickr stream during VWBPE 2012.

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