Linden Helper and Greeter Regions turned off

According to New SL Sims in the past week it seems Linden Lab have turned off two Linden Helper Islands and two Greeter Islands which is a real shame because the beta program could of been a big success in Second Life. I first noticed Linden Helper and Greeter regions back in early November 2011 where many new residents were directly teleported to after signing up. There were Lindens helping answering questions from new residents but then in January 2012 everything went quiet with the regions being inaccessible to anyone. I guess the beta program failed in some way or another! ūüė¶

It could of worked out if both Lindens and volunteer groups came together to help new residents but that didn’t happen sadly.¬†Linden Lab have turned off the following regions…

  • Linden Lab HQ 5
  • Linden Lab Meeting 1
  • Linden Lab Meeting 2
  • Linden Lab Meeting 3
  • Linden Lab Meeting 4
  • SL Work Hub 1
  • SL Work Hub 2
  • SL Work Hub 3
  • SL Work Hub 4
  • Welcome Island 27
  • Welcome Island Clone2¬†

I guess things didn’t work out in the end. ūüė¶