Rodvik Linden new update on Roundtable

Rodvik Linden today updated his SL web online profile saying that instead of having a public discussion it’s now been changed to private discussions about important SL issues which means direct/replies messaging like on Twitter. What do you think?

Hey folks, as I mentioned to some of you over the weekend I am going to do the next roundtable stuff in private one on one’s rather than as a free for all. That makes it more low key and doesnt turn it into something which is contentious. Thanks for all the feedback.

UPDATE: Rodvik is talking about the Second Life Mainland & Linden Homes etc and not Last Names. Interesting change I think and I guess more discussions will take place for many weeks to come.

9 thoughts on “Rodvik Linden new update on Roundtable

  1. Heh. 😉

    Who didn’t see that coming?


    Ya’ll done smacked back a bit hard there – and we’d rather not have this exposed in public anymore, so we’re going private to put a lid on it.

    Somebody ain’t happy we’re not satisfied with the backpeddling…


  2. I didn’t see that coming and now there’s even less communication. I guess it’s back to Twitter and other sources for new updates.

    If I was CEO I would bring back Last Names in a matter of days and sort it out.


    1. Yeah, be that as it may…

      He’s decided he can’t take the heat of getting publicly panned for bad policy.

      So rather than be open during discussion so to avoid bad policy – he’s folding up the tent and going indoors so he can make bad policy in private, with just a few people who are less likely to point out the problems -before- a blunder happens…


      1. Reply to my reply: the thing about this is that, if they had more open communication… either:

        A) We would all have had months of publicly going over the names and we ‘residents’ would understand why bringing them back can’t be done. No system shock of feeling of false promises.


        B) Linden Labs would have seen why this is important and managed to work out a solution with us on how to get it done reasonably, and we’d be rolling the names back in right now rather than shutting doors in each other’s faces.

        Its all about the communication though – if you take any part of it private, people lose sight of each other… and nasty surprises ensue.


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