Rodvik Linden Last Names update disappoints SL community

Yesterday Rodvik Linden published a big in depth post on the SL Forums explaining more about the Last Names issue. All I wanted to see was a timeline of the “baked plan” and for there to be a list of last names to choose from on the sign up page. Seems to be straightforward right?

I don’t really like the solution of the lab adding dashes or characters because I can’t see that working very well.  The Resident part of a name I agree needs to be removed completely but needs to be replaced with a last name like the old days. It’s a shame the lab could not work out a fast solution to this and now its going to be weeks/months until something changes on the SL signup page.

But back to the matter at hand. As I promised if we couldn’t figure out a way that was a win/win for folks who want complete freedom vs. a list of last names, we wouldn’t do it. We couldn’t, so we wont.

However what we will be doing is adding in at least one and maybe more special characters like a dash when you signup so you can make a more normal looking name.

On Rodvik’s profile feed there’s been over 380 comments from the SL community saying they extremely disappointed by this decision and they don’t like the idea. Rodvik mentioned in comments that he wished that last names could happen but the one hour+ presentation he sat though recently showed the data doesn’t mix. For some reason its to do with millions of residents on the top of the old system which is rather alarming. Rodvik will be setting up a new discussion next Monday and we will have to see what happens there.

2 thoughts on “Rodvik Linden Last Names update disappoints SL community

  1. Databases can be merged, tweaked, adjusted, and so in.

    I can accept that the work would not be easy, but it is not impossible.

    I don’t buy the excuses and backpeddling one bit.

    R Linden let his IT folks sell him on a cop-out so they could avoid doing the work.

    Moments like this are what is for – get some outside IT consultants, and when the job is done, make a new IT department out of whoever got stuff done.

    I read also that it was ‘shocking’ how many lost signup the old system had. I can tell you straight up why.

    People like me would hit refresh on that page a hundred times, or on community portals we found through slnamewatch (remember them?) – until the right last name popped up.

    For each of my 5 premium acounts, you can find possibly 99+ signup fails… so 450 of those are me.

    Was this proof that last names were a failure? Or just proof that the selection method to get your last name was a failure?

    I’d argue that its actually proof that last names were a great success – strong attachment even before becoming a resident – but that the method to get what you wanted was convoluted to the extreme.

    Some will say “you’re an experienced user, you don’t count. Most folks just hit the signup page and gave up.”

    Again I am counter proof of that – when I made this account, I knew of SL from some hype in 2006 and had made an account I’d logged in with twice back then. But it was during the great gray bug so I’d left.

    So SL was something of vague awareness to me in 2009 – I googled it to figure out if it was still out there, and how to join it. slnamewatch was right up there on the search results and so I started to think about who I wanted to be.

    I am an exception to the new user in that I then re-used my old 2006 account while thinking about that name… and then on discovering nekos in SL (having known of both Japanese, Egyptian, and Native American like themes beforehand) – figured out what I wanted.

    But even if you say ‘no real new person does this’ – you can be sure countless alts did, as well as countless ‘let me remake my account’ folks.

    – Point being that the data for false signups is skewed and bad no matter how you look at it. Even if all those people looking for a name were not newbies, us oldbies did that so insanely often that we destroyed their records…

    So no… I don’t think people gave up when they found no name they liked. I think genuine ‘didn’t even google this thing’ folks just went with a choice, while the rest of us hit refresh so often we made it look like people were giving up…

    And LLs IT is now using that, likely knowing full well its bad data, to sell R Linden a bill of goods, and shove it down our ‘wackadoodle’ collective throats…

    Shame on them. Outsource the punks. Plenty of folks in India who need jobs.


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