Phoenix TPV policy meeting

Yesterday afternoon around 2pm SLT Jessica Lyon (shown on right) and Phaylen Fairchild (shown on left) hosted an important inworld meeting about the new changes to the Third Party Viewer Policy from Linden Lab. Rockcliffe University regions were used to deal with the extra traffic with more than 100-150 avatars in the sims. Within the next 24 hours or so the Phoenix team will publish the video recording from the TPV policy meeting. Stay tuned!

There were problems during the meeting with region crashes, lag issues, griefers and online issues with live streaming service. It did resume normally during the last half of the meeting and it was interesting to know the latest updates from the Phoenix team. Bixyl Shuftan has a good review on his blog here from the meeting. I kept crashing along with many others but I did manage to capture many snapshots during this historical occasion.

Another view from my side of the sims showing the studio audience.

The two sims that were online

2 thoughts on “Phoenix TPV policy meeting

  1. I see you managed to include me in the pictures, twice. I never could find you.

    The article of mine you saw was a bit of a rush job (thanks for the thumbs up), so made some minor corrections later.

    My feeling is that while Third-Party innovations won’t stop, they will slow down. And it’s unlikely there will be another “Crowdfunder” for a viewer project like the one for the former Qarl Linden.


  2. TPVs have not been leaders in innovation since ‘jiggly boobs’ in 2009. The Emerald days.

    They’ve been, at best, keeping slightly lagging pace with LLs since that time, and sometimes notably months and major lag-bug fixes behind.

    Its a popular claim to say this policy stifles innovation. But really it’s just a poorly worded way of working to try and get some of those TPVs to either catch up or fade out.

    Since most of the innovation of the past year, and often the past 3 years, has been from LLs, they’re making that official.

    But poorly worded in the sense of appearing to say “you dropped the ball, so we’re taking the ball away from you.”


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