SL Mesh 2012 usage metrics, week 9

Last Monday there was no Mesh meeting because it was Presidents Day USA but this week the mesh meeting was back on as normal with Charlar Linden sharing some more mesh statistics.

Week 9: Again the mesh trend in Second Life continues to go up and that’s good news I think. Yay!

Nalates Urriah has a good summary round-up of the mesh metrics and more this week on his blog…

70% of online time is with a mesh viewer over the past 3 days.

65% of all sessions are launched with a mesh enabled viewer, over the past 3 days.

73% of unique residents logged in with a mesh enabled viewer, over the past three days.

Charlar says while the trend up until now has been positive, the past few days saw a significant increase in the trend.

The amount of content uploaded each day has far exceeded the launch bump seen at mesh release last August, running up around 1,700 items a day and still trending up, as are the number of unique uploaders, trending close to 500 a day.

I think these are pretty impressive stats. If we can ever get the Mesh Deformer completed, I think we will see an even more significant increase in the rate of mesh adoption.

What do you think of the current mesh adoption rate & future forecasts ?