Edo Tone will be leaving Second Life in April 2012

Breaking News

Today I saw a group notice saying that Edo Tone the owner/founder of Style of Edo will be leaving Second Life sometime during April 2012. It’s always sad news to hear people leaving Second Life and I know that Edo will be missed deeply by the SL community when he leaves in a few months time. Edo creates men’s formal clothing for Style of Edo and you can view he’s great store of products on the Second Life Marketplace or inworld here. I wish Edo Tone all the best for the future in RL. 🙂

This is what the group notice said this morning SLT.

hello members of the press,
After consulting some sources that it is public knowledge that Edo is leaving ,he has alerted friends and his staff with this and it is no longer private ,i decided to share Edo’s goodbye letter in Press Pass and thank this legend for his wonderful work he has done in the community.

Here is a copy of Edo’s goodbye letter which is rather emotional to read.

Hi my staffs,
I worked in SL about 5years.
My SL business is big still.And I got award every year.
I was so lucky.
But I havenot aim and I’m tired about SL business so much.
I do not want to waste time in RL.
And I have not failed in business yet. I would like to become a SL legend. 
I will leave from SL in April.(I gave SIM of Ekho to Chris already)
I know my staffs are so good persons and good job.
I will not employ you next month. I’m so sorry.
I know this is big news for SL fashion world.
I did not tell this news to many people.
But you can talk it to anyone.
I was not kind to you possibly.
I’m so sorry.And I am thankful to you from the bottom of my heart. 
And you gave me good memories.
I will not forget about you in RL.
You were my SL dream. Because all big owners had
many staffs in SL.
Thank you so much!
edo Tone