ISTE Island closure on 1st March 2012

It’s been officially announced that ISTE Island will be closing down on Thursday 1st March 2012, which is sad news for educators in Second Life. It seems the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE Island) is closing because of financial reasons and so the decision has been made to shut down the island sadly. Oh! Virtual Learning! blogs about the closure happenings here which is worth reading.

As of the last day of February, 2012, payments will no longer be made to maintain ISTE Island, and ISTE Island will no longer be.

Its been said ISTE content will be moved to a smaller space on Eduislands 9 island starting on 1st March 2012. There’s also plans to set up a new ISTE region on the Jokaydia Grid. A new home is in the works for the ISTE team to continue their excellent work. 🙂

Second Life home of the International Society for Technology in Education.

Visit us online at

ISTE has been a special place for many residents in Second Life in recent years and been a popular hit with SL educators on the grid. ISTE hosted a farewell celebration party celebrating ISTE through the years in Second Life shown below.

Farewell ISTE island! 😦


9 thoughts on “ISTE Island closure on 1st March 2012

  1. And welcome Jokaydia Grid, which is run by the best facilitator and designer in the game. Looking forward to the island-warming! Linden have treated education sims badly for years, good times, but virtual life goes on.


  2. So it seems more and more will find, like i did, that Sl is not alone and even better, that i dont need to pay Usd 145 for 3750 prims when i can host 1 region with 45.000 and multiply that for 6 and not paying a single Usd to do so!


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