Abbotts Air & Space Port is up for sale

The recently opened new Abbotts Air & Space Port is up for sale again, according to inworld sources and via the Second Life Marketplace. The reason for the sale is due to real life pressures which is understandable and I guess something has to give. My last visit to Abbotts was on 13th January 2012 and I thought it was really impressive. I guess another change is on the way perhaps in management and structure of the sim. We will see!


Abbotts — Historic, oceanfront sim for sale

Second Life’s most-famous airport is up for grabs. Due to real-life pressures, I cannot maintain two sims, and must let Abbotts go. Surrounded by protected land on three sides, this beautiful property includes the airport structure, access to miles of open water.


  • Oceanfront property
  • Historic, high-traffic land
  • Protected sims on three sides

If you are interested in buying the sim contact the owner of Abbotts.