Spaceport Alpha, Spaceport Bravo & NASA CoLab sims closed down


According to Katherine W Prawl there is good news about the ISM project in Second Life. Because of a recent accepted donation, the ISM team should be able to bring back the sims online when payment issues are resolved. “ISM is coming back (as soon as we get the account straightened out)”. This is really good news and I’ll look forward to visiting ISM when it returns. YAY!


It seems like Spaceport Alpha, Spaceport Bravo and NASA CoLab sims have already closed down this year. I was planning to visit the space sims again in Second Life this week but I found that the main ones I wanted to visit are no longer on the grid which is really sad news. I searched for the regions on the weekly New SL Sims in past week thread on the SLUniverse Forums and all three were listed there.

Today when I looked at the map it shows the remaining active space regions without the three Second Life space sims listed above. The teleports and SLurls failed straight away which is a real shame to be honest. To see these historical Second Life space locations disappear from Second Life completely is heart breaking.

The snapshot belows shows a map of the space regions back in July 2011.

Check out my blog post called Space exploration places in Second Life 2011. 🙂

The snapshot belows shows a map of the space regions back in July 2010. Since then various regions have been disappearing and it’s very alarming to see it so empty in the (above map).

There has been no explanation as to why these space SL sims have suddenly gone from the grid. If anyone knows why? Please feel free to comment. Thanks!