New Firestorm release 3.3.0

This week the Firestorm team released a new Firestorm Maintenance release for everyone to download and install. This new build release includes many new cool features, fixes and changes. It’s been recommended by the firestorm team to install a clean installation for Firestorm 3.3.0 and it’s only a 23.7MB download. Firestorm 3.3.0 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

View my snapshots and thoughts from using Firestorm 3.3.0 below…

New Viewerside particle editor.  I think is a really neat feature and that it’s going to be fun to play around with. Yay!

Vintage skin. It looks good I think matching with the viewer 1 style skin. I have been a long supporter of viewers enabling the SL community to choose from a list of nice viewer skins. 
New Windlight settings. This screenshot shows the new Hidden Depths Water Preset by Norton Burns which looks wonderful.
Profile pictures open large now with a click. I like this 
New Friends counter on Friends List. I always wanted to see a counter for many years in Second Life and yay it’s here now. 
More 3.3.0 snapshots can be found on my SL Flickr stream. Check out this new preview video of the upcoming FUI interface which will be introduced soon. Wow! 🙂

Firestorm FUI Future! Work in progress!

Here is a preview of what’s coming in Firestorm soon! LL’s FUI interface allows far greater customization than before, allowing us to create a really close V1 interface experience! Zi Ree of the Firestorm team has been busy plugging away to provide you a more V1 optional interface experience! And we’ve got a lot more than that coming!

I really do love this viewer release and it always amazes me the hard work the Firestorm team puts into their latest new viewers. The amount of new features being added to Firestorm on a monthly basis is unbelievable. Thanks for this update Firestorm! 🙂