Raglan Shire The Great Tree saved

After hearing the news this week that The Great Tree sim will be closing down in InWorldz it now seems the sim will continue to live on. This is excellent news that the wonderful historical build will now be saved by Abramelin Wolfe. Zayn Till posted the good news (below) today on the InWorldz Forums, saying thanks to everyone for their the kind words and community support.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words and support.

We actually hadn’t made any arrangements for the build to be stored but its all moot now as thanks to the extreme kindness and generosity of Mr Abramelin Wolfe, The Sim will continue to live on. Will post some more info soon but Just wanted to let people know that The Great Tree will remain indefinitely in Inworldz.

Can’t even begin to express our thanks in full to Abram.

I received a message from Zayn Till about the sim being saved this afternoon (SLT). I logged into InWorldz again to visit the sim then I saw Zayn Till coming towards me to have a chat. WoooooT!

Daniel Voyager, you have received an offline message from Zayn Till!

February 7, 2012, 1:57 pm

Raglan Shire in InWorldz Lives :)|These some details to be worked out, but Abramelin Wolfe in an extreme act of kindness & generosity has offered to help us cover our costs. The Great Tree will continue to live on in Inworldz. W00T 🙂 More information to come but for now, a Big round of Apaws to Mr Wolfe 🙂

Yay! 🙂