InWorldz conference 2012 further update

Tranquillity Dexler who is one of the founders of InWorldz posted up a InWorldz Conference Update on the InWorldz News website yesterday (5th February 2012). I’ll be looking forward to listening to the InWorldz presentations from inworld and being part of this historical conference which is now only weeks away. This sounds really exciting and I’m sure it’s going to be a great success this year. 🙂

InWorldz Conference Update Full Press Release

The InWorldz conference in Las Vegas is quickly approaching. We have an awesome event planned with a combination of social, educational, and technical talks and workshops. Best of all you’ll get to meet many of your friends from InWorldz live and in the flesh. With a theme of real life/virtual world/real life we will see some great examples of how InWorldz and real life blend together to make things more fun and interesting.

The conference itself will run from Friday, March 30th to Sunday, April 1st 2012 at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  To secure your room at the group rate you must register by February 28th 2012 (end of this month).  You can register by visiting this link or by calling 1-888-746-6955 and using group code SRINW12.

Also an important update.  Please send an email to after you have completed your registration with the hotel containing:

  • • Your real life first name
  • • The full name of your InWorldz avatar
  • • (optional) The group title/tag you wear most of the time in world

If you have already completed your registration, please send us this email at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to create a custom name tag complete with all the information people need to recognize you from your avatar.  If you have a food allergy or special diet please include details in your nametag email so we can accommodate you.

Prior to the start of the actual conference, InWorldz staff and friends are honored to be celebrating the real life wedding of two of our residents Rowland Larkham, and Ziva Danylo. We congratulate these two wonderful people and wish them the best on their journey.

We will be starting off the event with a banquet feast prepared for all attendees on Friday, March 1st  at 6 PM with a variety of different foods for all tastes.

A few of the key events will be:

  • • Scripting workshops hosted by some of your InWorldz friends. Learn the basics of scripting, how you can utilize scripts in your builds and the best practices when working with the Phlox scripting engine.
  • • General building and other targeted workshops and a blender modeling workshop if time allows.
  • • A presentation from CariNet, Inc. with discussions about the InWorldz network and how it helps to provide maximum and reliability and uptime.
  • • Bladax Kharg demonstrating how he uses InWorldz grid and software to provide value added services to the customers of his real life business.
  • • A panel with questions for the InWorldz founders, discussions/presentations about the InWorldz community, InWorldz management philosophy and future plans, current projects in the works, special announcements, and more.

You don’t want to miss this conference, it’s going to be great fun, and most of all a great social event. Come and meet your friends and the personalities behind your favorite virtual world!

For questions, contact:

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2 thoughts on “InWorldz conference 2012 further update

  1. One correction I just made. The date of March 1st was a typo. That paragraph should read:

    “We will be starting off the event with a banquet feast prepared for all attendees on Friday, March 30th at 6 PM with a variety of different foods for all tastes.”

    Thank you for blogging this. Its going to be a great event!


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