BattleBeast Breedables Press Release 2012

Andi Canare kindly shared this BattleBeast Breedables Press Release 2012 with me today in Second Life so I thought to share it on my blog. Andi Canare is the Director of Marketing for BattleBeast Breedables in Second Life. Sounds like a really exciting and fun thing to do in Second Life.

Spread the word about BattleBeast Breedables. Join the Beta and Celebrations! 🙂

So here is the FULL Press Release for BattleBeast Breedables 2012.


Celebrating 2012 as the Chinese Year of the Dragon, BattleBeast Breedables introduces a revolutionary concept in SL: combining a breedable animal with gaming. The BattleBeast Breedables Dragon is the first SL project to unify the fun of breedables, gaming, and role play (RP). Our very exciting “Countdown to Launch” project started last week, with a Closed Beta. “This testing is an instrumental part of our program”, said BattleBeast Resident, “I might add that Closed Beta has gone quite smoothly and the group of people who’ve been testing the dragon have been happy with the project and are very enjoyable to work with.”

What’s so revolutionary about a breeding dragon, one might ask? Well, the BattleBeast Breedables dragons don’t JUST produce off-spring, eat, interact, and look amazing in accessories… (although they DO look amazing in accessories), the Beasts battle! Gamers will appreciate that XP, Levels are earned through battle. Stamina, strength and speed are a blend of Nature and Nuture: Breeding and Battle. As you breed your dragon traits to produce the best possible (“Nature”), the dragon also gains through battle (“Nurture”).
Better Battles means Better Breeding, and Better Breeding means Better Battles.
The BattleBeast dragon is a game built around its own history and adventure. Then add in the fact that they hunt, they patrol and you can ride them, and you’ve got Second Life revolutionary!

“We’re excited to unveil the world of the BattleBeast,” said Project Manager Wynter Sommer, “which yes, begins with the dragon, but the future holds so much more than the dragon for us.” She refers to the ‘world’ of the BattleBeast because this Second Life ‘world’ can mean different things for different SL residents. One group might choose to build an arena and host battles or participate in tournaments, hold auctions and rent habitats, while another might choose to focus on breeding and sell amazing dragons, while yet another may open a shop full of the fashions that a dragon trainer might wear.

“An exciting approach we’re bringing to SL breedables is our intent to encourage and support the secondary market,” added Wynter. “We want to see accessories built for the beasts and sold by others. We are talking with potential affiliates who not only choose to house our vendors but also add their own accessories, habitats… their ideas to what would be perfect for the dragon, and sell it right next to our vendors, in their own shops.” Wynter summarized by saying, “Together, our team has probably owned every breedable in SL and we understand the importance of that market and how it keeps the game fun for everyone. We want this experience to grow and to be rewarding for all of us.”

Collectively, the team brings years of creating, coding , marketing and customer service experience. Its artist was employed with a major animations and 3D entertainment corporation that probably everyone would recognize, in RL. The scriptor has vast experience in the world of Second Life scripting and real world programming, and many would instantly recognize the projects completed by him, as well.

A group is forming in Second Life now in preparation to begin the final phase of testing before the big launch. Open Beta is not expected to last too long before BattleBeast hosts its public release during a 2-day celebration where visitors will be able to enjoy the BattleBeast experience. Battles will be staged, hunts will be available, live music and festivities will entertain those who come out to Welcome the Dragon to SL. Search for the Battlebeast Breedables group inworld and join in! For more information, visit our web site at

Better Battles means Better Breeding.
Better Breeding means Better Battles.

See you in the arena!


3 thoughts on “BattleBeast Breedables Press Release 2012

  1. Pussycat Catnap

    Will be interesting to see if the mass-breeders can manage to game this one and produce masses of dragons with little ‘labor of love’.

    I can see sims devoted to bots battling each other… O.o

    The roo folks thought they’d escape it by making it take petting to get your score up with a roo, and then along came a hacker to rip their HUD apart, steal out the script, and send faked calls to it to trigger petting responses…

    On the surface this one looks foolproof, but all that means is that I’m deluding myself.

    For me though, the big hurdle is that they just aren’t cute. They look neat, but not cute… 🙂



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