Rodvik Linden mentions “baked plan” for Last Names in February 2012

Rodvik Linden mentioned yesterday (31st January) on his SL online web profile that progress is being made for last names to return to Second Life. Rodvik hopes to have a baked plan ready on last names sometime during February 2012 which will be interesting to see how that works. Hours later there were hundreds of comments on Rodvik’s SL web profile which was strange because normally that amount would be normally seen on the SL official blogs. Here is the update posted up by Rodvik…

Quick update on last names. Just fyi the team here has been working on solutions for this and it is taking longer than we thought. identity is important so we want the ability to have that wonderful shared experience the old last name system had but also not lose sight of the fact that many people really do not want a name given to them, they want freedom to define their identity, finally we want to consider adding meaningful things like titles etc that can be awarded by the community or some other methods. Anyway bit more complicated than initially thought but progress is being made. Will have a baked plan sometime in February we think.

Thanks for the update Rodvik!

This snapshot shows the current Second Life username system when joining Second Life for the first time.

This snapshot shows the old last names system for Second Life.

I am a supporter of bringing back last names so that it replaces the Resident part when joining Second Life. SL users need more choice when joining I think like before when SL users could pick a first name and last name. This makes the experience creative and unique to everyone. This new last names system needs to be done as fast as possible.

There has been and will continue to be big support for SL last names I think. The Bringing Back Last Names JIRA saw over (2370) votes with (733) watching the progress being made since Mid July 2011. Hopefully we will see a return either this month or next month at the latest because that would be awesome. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Rodvik Linden mentions “baked plan” for Last Names in February 2012

    1. I agree and its good the lab are finally have talks with the SL community about last names.

      Discussion > Roll Out Plan > New SL Last Names system
      2011/2012 > February 2012 > Q1 2012 for launch


  1. I guess better baked solutions than half baked ones. 😉

    Though a lot of the online commentary suggest people think they’ve left these cookies in the oven too long and it coming out over-baked. I’m in the teeny tiny minority that thinks, at least on the surface, that a titles concept might be a good idea.

    At least as long as people can’t force one on you.


  2. last names should come back as optional. i am one of those persons that felt forced to choose a last name when i only wanted a name, i didnt like any of the list, i ended up with Philipp.
    at that time, many people may have felt like i did, and if they didnt like any last names from the list, they simply didnt made an account and went somewhere else.
    is important that if youre gonna force users to have a last name, at least make it customizable, because our name is a very important part of our identity, and if you force us to have one we dont like forever, that will be a permanent problem.


  3. Not having anything to do but still no answer so;

    My only problem with Second Life now!
    I can see any mesh i want, be on Sl or Open sim!
    I can see it using any mesh viewer, be singularity, Cool viewer, Exodus, Rlv, Niran’s, Catnip, the mesh viewers i have on my computer!
    What i cant manage to have is:
    Seeing ALL in world, as detailed as on a non mesh viewer!
    Inbuild viewers max AA= 16
    Inbuild viewers max Anisotropic filtering=4

    Using Nvidia control (there is at least 1 blog explaining how any can make Sl much smoother, if you use the Vga settings instead of inbuild viewer one!)
    I can override (disabling the inbuild AA and AF) and make the viewer shows ALL (not only meshes, but all you see in your screen) at AA=32 AF=32 or 16HQ

    That means one thing, if you have a high end LCD, you will notice the diff in detail and all will look less cripsy and much more detailed!

    Now when you try to do that with any mesh viewer, what will happen is that AA and AF are disabled, NO AA NO AF!

    The only way you can have, is to use the inbuild AA and AF, 16 and 4, when on a non mesh you can use 32/32 or 16hq!

    So its not about not seeing meshes, is about seeing Second Life as an amazing graphic experience (Just look at my flirk page to see how i see things, as i don’t use photoshop when i take my photos!!!)
    Is about being able to sustain 4h straight in front of my computer enjoying, or have to stop after 30min cause my eyes are being stressed to much i have to log out!
    Is knowing I can use the best settings with a non mesh viewer and have to stick with settings that no other game or tool uses for more then 10 years!
    And im sorry if you never tried to see the diff of using 32AA and 32AF or 16HqAF or if you cant notice any!
    But i can and i notice!

    So if any can give a reasonable explanation ill be very appreciated!


  4. I’d like to see last names return. Also, what about making it possible for those currently with the last name “Resident” to change their last names to whatever they want (their actual account names, not their display names)? This probably wouldn’t be possible, but… we can dream 😉


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