New Mesh 2012 metrics from Charlar Linden

During today’s Content Creation/Mesh Import User Group meeting Charlar Linden released some new Mesh metrics which was really interesting. This user group meeting takes place every Monday at 12pm SLT at Borrowdale on AGNI.

From the meeting transcript…

  • [12:41] Charlar Linden: relating to viewers supporting mesh…
  • [12:41] Charlar Linden: 70% of residents
  • [12:47] Charlar Linden: Recently our total uploaded items surpassed our previous high, back in August. It’s been on an upward trend since the beginning of December.
  • [12:47] Charlar Linden: on a daily basis
  • [12:47] Charlar Linden: 28% of regions have mesh on them.

From 16% in December 2011 to 28% in January 2012 it shows that the Mesh adoption rate is on the rise which encouraging and interesting. I guess more and more are switching to mesh capable viewers and uploading mesh items.

Mesh adoption on the grid so far this month…

  • 22% – 10th January 2012
  • 25%– 17th January 2012
  • 28% – 30th January 2012

Yay. Hopefully the this Mesh adoption trend will go up higher in 2012 & 2013+.


2 thoughts on “New Mesh 2012 metrics from Charlar Linden

  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath for 2013.

    First because we all know that a volcano will swallow LA, a tsunami will bury mount Everest, Aliens will land in Colorado, earthquakes will take out all of California (except the part hit by the volcano), a killer plague will eat New York, Monkeys will occupy the Golden Gate Bridge (but I guess they’ll need swimming lessons), and a meteor will fail to get blasted by Bruce Willis and knock out the East Coast…


    But also because if we make it that far, by the end of 2012, if not sooner, mesh will probably be as common as sculpties.


  2. And some will still not use it, until some shows me proof that I can Override hardware settings via Nvidea control panel and disable AA and AF on the viewer!
    As so far, none of the Mesh viewers (Singularity, Cool viewer, Exodus, Niran’s, Phoenix) i tried both on Sl and OS grid, allow that!
    Is as simple as this, a non mesh viewer let my Control panel tell the graphics to make the AA and AF instead of the viewer 1, meaning I can run at 32AA and 16HQAF, meaning all details are smoother and overall my eyes can stand more time in front of my 23 inch Led monitor or My 46 Inch Lcd one!
    On any mesh viewer, the max i got is the in viewer max ones, 16AA and 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AF
    So all details will not only look brighter and less defined (much less in fact) as my eyes are stressed much more!


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