New Zen Viewer added to Third Party Viewer list

It seems like the Zen Viewer has been officially been added to the Third Party Viewer Directory this week. I have not heard of this viewer until now and it excites me when new viewers come along for Second Life. You can download this viewer either on Zena Juran download page or via the SL wiki page. Zen Viewer is only for Windows!

The Zen Viewer is a v3 viewer based on the viewer-development Snowstorm. It contains all the latest shines and fixes plus a consolidation of unique features specific to content creation. Includes the original Pie Menu!

Impressive features included in the Zen Viewer…

  • Mesh Upload.
  • Qarl’s Rigged Mesh Deformer – Alpha.
  • The Original Pie Menu.
  • Enhanced Build Tools.
  • Toggle Notifications Top/Bottom Screen.
  • Clientside Animation Overrider (AO).
  • Clientside Particles Editor.
  • Local Sculpt and Texture Browsing.
  • Temp Sculpt and Texture Uploads.
  • Save and Load Scripts Locally.
  • Qarl’s Align Tool.
  • Fetch Inventory at Login.
  • Resized View/Cam Controls Floater.
  • Separate UserData and Cache Folders.
  • Draw Distance Slider in Status Bar.
  • TP Destination Beacon Disable.
  • Copy UUID on Right-click.
  • Texture Refresh.
  • Derender.
  • Pos. & Rot. Spinners for Attachments Enabled.
  • Copy/Paste Object Params.
  • Copy/Paste Texture Params.
  • Zoom Min. Distance Disable.
  • Inventory Hovertips Disable.
  • Area Object Search.
  • Sound Explorer.
  • Move Orphaned System Folders for Deletion.
  • Adjustable Region Restart Timer.
  • UI Skinning.
  • Full Screen Toggle.
  • Invisiprim Support in Deferred Rendering.

Also performance enhancements have been added in the Zen Viewer…

  • Kirsten’s OpenJPEG Library.
  • NickyD’s HACD Mesh Decomposition.
  • Large Address Aware.
  • Graded Shadows Support.

If you have tried this viewer then feel free to share your experiences via comments below. I will be using this viewer during the next few weeks and will be sharing my experience soon.  Thanks! 🙂


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