Greeter Islands go silent

The past few weeks or so I have noticed that the two Greeter Islands on the grid have been empty recently and that teleport access no longer works. I first noticed that Linden Lab added these new Greeter islands back in November 2011 and I was rather impressed by it all. The Linden Helpers were very friendly and polite with new residents arriving into Second Life. I did like the idea of Lindens helping new residents but it would be nice if resident volunteers could help out too.

See snapshots here.

Another thing I noticed this week is that it’s no longer listed on the Second Life Destination Guide anywhere it seems. The Linden Helpers FAQ page on the Knowledge Base seems to be offline. On the bottom toolbar there is a How To button which used to show Get Live Help but it no longer shows on SL viewer 3.2.7.

Linden Helper Islands & Greeter Islands Map (25th January 2012)

Greeter Island Visitors group info…

Welcome to Greeter Island.

Linden Lab is beta testing a new help program to assist new users get started with the basics in Second Life.

Live Help from 10am to 6pm PST everyday

Need assistance? Ask the group.

I hope that this beta program by Linden Lab has not failed because that would be very disappointing news. I hope that this is some sort of Linden break that will resume soon. If anything new develops then I will blog about it in the near future hopefully.